About Dietitians of Canada

Dietitians of Canada (DC) is the national professional association for dietitians, representing almost 6000 members at the local, provincial and national levels. DC is one of the largest organizations of dietetic professionals in the world.

Mission, Vision, Values

As the voice of the profession, we strive for excellence in advancing health through food and nutrition.
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What we do

Dietitians of Canada and our members advance the health of Canadians in several important ways.
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Become a member

If you are a Registered Dietitian or studying to become one, we invite you to join DC. Work with us to build your profile, expand your knowledge and open up new opportunities in your professional career.
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Corporate opportunities

Reach our membership with information about your business and products.
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Media centre

Access news and views of dietitians for your media stories.
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Awards and Recognition

Every year, Dietitians of Canada (DC) celebrates and recognizes the contributions of our members through our awards and recognition program.
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Contact us

For further information about the governance of Dietitians of Canada or DC’s programs and services contact us

Member Resources

Vision 2020A Vision for Dietitians in 2020 is a bold and multifaceted portrayal of our organization and profession.

Principles of PracticeLearn about the principles that guide ethical practice for dietitians.

Award RecipientsWe proudly announce the 2014 award recipients.


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