Who can become a member?

Provincial Registration Ready

You are registered, or registration eligible, with a provincial regulatory body
You’ve completed both your education and internship/stage or combined Masters/internship program.  
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You are eligible for registration, but are pursuing full time graduate studies
You are either registered or completed the training to become registered but you are pursuing full-time graduate studies.

You were registered in past but are now retired.
You’ve been formerly registered with a provincial regulatory body or Member of DC but are now retired from work.

Then you can become a DC Member.

In Training

Students in accredited undergraduate dietetics programs

Students in accredited internship/stage programs

Students in accredited Combined Masters/internship programs

Those who are meeting the requirements of an upgrading assessment
You have received an assessment letter outlining upgrading requirements from either DC, an undergraduate dietetics program or provincial regulatory body.

Students who have completed an undergraduate dietetics program.
You’ve completed an undergraduate dietetics program within 3 years but haven’t yet started an internship/stage or combined Masters/internship program.

Then you can become a Qualifying Member.

Internationally Educated Dietitian

Need your qualifications assessed to practice in Canada
You have practiced outside of Canada but need to determine if you can practice in Canada.
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Working towards meeting Canadian practice requirements
You’ve been advised on the necessary steps for registration by a provincial dietetic regulatory body and are working on meeting those requirements.
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Registration requirements met
You’ve completed the requirements determined by a provincial dietetic regulatory body and are now ready for registration.
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AND member
You are currently registered with the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.
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Working and registered in another country
You reside and are registered outside of Canada and are not eligible for any other DC membership categories.
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If you have a post-graduate degree, have academic qualifications in nutrition/dietetic field and have three years related work experience in Canada, but are not a dietitian, you can become an Academic Affiliate.
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