If you’re interested in food, nutrition and its impact on the health of Canadians, a career as a professional dietitian may be the right one for you. CNN Money News reported in 2011 that being a dietitian was among the top three best jobs for saving the world!

A Career as a Dietitian

Consider a rewarding career that applies science-based knowledge about food and nutrition in a wide variety of roles and settings.
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What does it take to become a dietitian? Find out about the academic requirements.
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Internship and Practicum

Check out the requirements for internship and practicum experience, and find out how to apply.
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International Applicants

Have you completed your education as a dietitian outside Canada? Learn about the steps to qualify for practice in Canada.
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Provincial Registration Requirements

Like other regulated health professionals, dietitians must register with the provincial regulatory body in their province in order to practice.
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Member Resources

  • Mentoring
    Become a preceptor and help a student/intern to reach their career goals. Assist a colleague to develop and refine their skills through your mentorship
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  • Jobs
    Enjoy exclusive access as a DC member to job ads posted in the job database
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Become a Dietitian

Hear what members say about becoming a dietitian in Canada


The Difference

Amanda highlights the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist.


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