DC Fellows 2013

Four leaders of the dietetic profession become Fellows of DC

Fellows-2013.gifThe DC Fellowship program promotes excellence in dietetics by recognizing the outstanding contributions of members in areas of educational and professional enhancement; career achievements; initiative and innovation; and leadership. The Member Awards Ceremony held during the National Conference in Victoria saw four new members installed as Fellows of the Association.
Gerry Kasten, Daphne Lordly, Roseann Nasser and Karol Traviss are the latest members to receive the Fellow Dietitians of Canada designation, joining 42 other DC members.  
Gerry Kasten, a tireless public health dietitian, prenatal program nutritionist, UBC sessional instructor, and primary care dietitian, has been awarded Fellowship in DC. Involved in collaborative projects, board and committee work, and mentor to students for 22 years, Gerry is the first male to receive the Fellow of DC designation. Gerry has been recognized with a BC Nutrition Council Communication Award for 'Gerry's list', a listserv of relevant information for BC dietitians, interns, and students. Former Chair of DC's Board of Directors, former Board President of the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, and co-founder of a local farmer's market, Gerry has been described as a “true champion at the local, provincial, and national levels”.
Daphne Lordly, a tenured Associate Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University, received a DC Fellowship for her pioneering work in dietetics education and professional practice. Daphne’s efforts have also earned her recognition by the Canadian Association for Prior Learning while positioning the dietetics profession as a leader in this area. In 2012, Daphne was the inaugural recipient of an Honorary Life Membership Award from the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association. Daphne cares deeply about the profession and through her interactions with students and colleagues, demonstrates values associated with DC Fellowship – innovation, leadership, commitment and compassion.
“Being a professional is not about what you achieve yourself, it is about how you position others for success”.  With these words Karol Traviss describes her approach to challenges she has encountered in the complex work environments of health care and education. Her capacity to engage others and produce results is reflected in almost every one of the many career achievements that fill her resume. Formal awards attest to results achieved in clinical care, research and education. Of particular note is Karol’s widely acknowledged collaborative, province-wide approach to development of the new integrated dietetics program for UBC and to innovative curriculum renewal. She doesn’t just participate but initiates and contributes to challenges of the day, an outstanding example being her role in the challenging task of gaining consensus around standards for dietetic training and credentialing in Canada. For these activities Karol is recognized with a DC Fellowship.
Roseann Nasser is considered by her colleagues to be a highly motivated individual, deserving of a DC Fellowship for her many professional and personal achievements.  Roseann strives to enhance not only her professional and personal growth but that of her colleagues as well. Roseann has filled many roles demonstrating her strong leadership skills including President of Saskatchewan Dietitians Association, representative on the National Board of Nutrition Support Certification and American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. In her position as research dietitian for the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, Roseann has mentored over 100 dietetic students during their research projects and authored numerous peer-reviewed research articles and posters. She is a sought-after speaker on how to conduct research as well as the knowledge and skills of preceptors. 

For more on the 2013 awards recipients view the video.