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Nutrition Month – March 2017

Take the fight out of food! Spot the problem. Get the facts. Seek support.  
The Nutrition Month 2017 public campaign is dedicated to supporting Canadians to stop their struggles with food. The slogan for the campaign is Take the fight out of food! Spot the problem. Get the facts. Seek support. Every year we choose a campaign theme based on input from members and consumers. The goal of the campaign is to provide information and guidance to make it a little easier for Canadians to end their fight with food.

Dietitians in communities and workplaces across the country will host events during March. You can learn about events by accessing the Canada Activity Map which will be live by early February. We encourage community leaders and other health professionals to get connect with your local dietitian and plan events too.  

Core member resources will be available by December 31. Publicly available resources will be available by February 3 including five fact sheets and 12 recipes you can copy and distribute:

  • Member Resource Manual with backgrounder, activity and idea list plus a “how to tips” for creating a professional display
  • Five fabulous fact sheets, with one template (for members)
  • Twelve tantalizing feature recipes that you can print and distribute (that come in two sizes)
  • Ready to use PowerPoint deck (for members)
  • Tweet a day list
  • Five ready-to-go blog posts
  • Ready-to-use ad
  • Pledge certificate
  • Campaign Communications Ambassador tool kit
  • Updated and enhanced Cookspiration app with a Nutrition Month icon and 48 new recipes
  • Enhancements to the Canada Activity Map 

Interested in a little history on the campaign? – link here.

Once a year, a special day is dedicated to celebrating dietitians across Canada. For 2017, ‘Dietitians Day’ is on March 15.

Nutrition Month is brought to you by Dietitians of Canada and thousands of dietitians across the country, in collaboration with the campaign sponsors. Our official sponsors for 2017 are Avocados from Mexico,  Canadian Diabetes Association, Canadian Lentils and Dairy Farmers of Canada.  Barley Council of Canada, Canadian Pork Council and Healthy Flax are fact sheet sponsors.

Resources, apps and events to support your campaign plans

  • Ambassador Toolkit for community groups and agencies that provides ideas about how to get involved such as social media activities, a “Take the Fight out of Food! pledge promotion, public resource distribution and more.
  • "Take the Pledge" Certificate – beginning February 23 to make a small change. Take photos holding this “Take the Pledge beginning February 22 take photos of participants holding this colourful "Take the Pledge" certificate for posting on social media with the hashtag #NutritionMonth.
  • 5 print-ready fact sheets for you to use to spread the campaign messages.
  • Five ready-to-use Blog Posts - We have five ready-to-use blog posts to use in newsletter updates, online articles, Facebook and websites.
  • A ready-to-use ad for you to place in your workplace newsletter or wherever else it might work.
  • Popular bilingual phone apps eaTracker andCookspiration to help support you take the fight out of food. Download it from the Apple Store or Goggle Play.


Updated January 13, 2017

Recipe ideas are served up to suit your mood and schedule.