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Nutrition Month – March 2016

Take a 100 Meal Journey. Make small changes one meal at a time.

The Nutrition Month 2016 public campaign was dedicated to making a small change and making it stick! The slogan for the campaign was Take a 100 meal journey. Make small changes one meal at a time. Every year we choose a campaign theme based on input from members and consumers. The goal of the campaign is to provide information and guidance to make it a little easier for Canadians to improve diet quality and decrease quantity. Think about it: Canadians eat about 100 meals each month. We inspired them with ideas to make small changes, supported by doable strategies to help make those changes stick.

Dietitians in communities and workplaces across the country hosted events during March. We encouraged community leaders and other health professionals to get involved too. We offered some ideas and tools below to help you. Interested in a little history on the campaign? – link here.

Once a year, a special day is dedicated to all dietitians across Canada. For 2016, ‘Dietitians Day’ was on March 16.

Resources, apps and events to support your campaign plans

Note: Dietitians of Canada does not produce a campaign poster. If you are interested in a poster visit the Dairy Farmers of Canada web site to download and print one.

Nutrition Month is brought to you by Dietitians of Canada and thousands of dietitians across the country, in collaboration with the campaign sponsors. Our official sponsors for 2016 are Canadian Lentils and Dairy Farmers of Canada. Factsheet sponsor are the and the Barley Council of Canada.

The 100 Meal Journey

Week 1: Get Ready!

The 100 Meal Journey

Week 2: Quality counts!

The 100 Meal Journey

Week 3: Priortize Portion Size!

The 100 Meal Journey

Week 4: Try Something New!

The 100 Meal Journey

Week 5: Make It Stick!