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Nutrition Month – Get Ready & Download the Apps!

The Nutrition Month 2016 campaign was dedicated to supporting Canadians to make small changes to their food and eating – one meal at a time. The slogan for the campaign was Take a 100 meal journey: make small changes, one meal at a time.
Dietitians of Canada helped you to make eating decisions easier for Canadians by enouraging you to download and use three apps that can help.
Cookspiration, a free smartphone app designed by Dietitians of Canada, serves up healthy recipe suggestions for any craving, meal or mood. Cookspiration has over 300 recipes that are easy to make and will suit your nutritional needs.
To download the app and to access all the recipes, visit
Another common nutrition pitfall is eating too much or not getting enough of the nutrients we need. One of the most helpful tools we can use for eating well is keeping a food journal; eaTracker, another free app from Dietitians of Canada, makes diet journaling easy. Download eaTracker free from today to get started.
Some people just want to get and stay motivated to keep eating better top of mind. For great tips on healthy eating, you can also check out Dietitians of Canada’s eaTipster – a free iPhone and iPad app designed to serve up a new healthy eating tip every day. The app is available in English and French at
Canadians looking to make healthier choices can rely on the expert advice of dietitians who have an in-depth knowledge of nutrition. These apps are a convenient way to access dietitian expertise any time.

Recipe ideas are served up to suit your mood and schedule.


eaTracker helps you track your eating and activity choices, analyze your recipes, plan your meals and more...

Start tracking!

Dietitians serve up a trusted new tip for you each and every day.