Plan, Shop, Cook

It’s easier to eat well when you have a healthy plan filled with nutritious foods – and you stick to it. Tap into valuable information to help you plan a healthy diet, shop wisely and cook up nutritious and delicious recipes.

Plan well

Opening up bare cupboards and an empty fridge is not the recipe for a healthy dinner. The same is true for breakfast, lunch and snacks! It’s easier to eat well if you have planned ahead. Need helpful tips and advice to help you plan balanced, healthy meals every day?
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Shop smart

From reading nutrition labels to getting the most value for your dollar, there are many tricks to make grocery shopping more fun, nutritious and rewarding.
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Cook healthy

These recipes and tips will inspire new ideas that will tickle your taste buds and be kind to your waistline. visit Cookspiration for more recipe ideas.
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Featured issue eaTracker helps you track your eating and activity choices, analyze your recipes, plan your meals and more...

Label Reading

Jenille reviews how to read a food label including the nutrition facts panel and %DV.


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