About DC

Dietitians of Canada (DC) is a professional association with strong roots connecting more than 5000 unique and diverse members across all areas of food, nutrition and health. DC proudly represents dietitians, fostering growth and passion in the profession through advocacy, engagement and professional development. After more than 80 years, DC remains an innovative organization with strong member leadership and common purpose: to advance the health of Canadians through food and nutrition.  

DC is governed by a Board of Directors elected by members.
Our purpose is to advance health through food and nutrition. We:
  • provide evidence-based food and nutrition information
  • support easier access to adequate, safe and healthy food
  • promote professional best practices
  • advocate for better access to dietitians to meet the health needs of Canadians.

Dietitians of Canada has its roots in the Canadian Dietetic Association (CDA), established in 1935. After successfully advocating for the establishment of provincial dietetic regulatory bodies, in 1997, the provincial dietetic associations merged with CDA to form DC.
In 1991, DC established the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research, a registered charitable foundation that grants funds for research to increase practice-based evidence in nutrition and food science.
We are the Secretariat for the International Confederation for Dietetic Associations (ICDA), an organization we helped to found in 2000. There are more than 40 national dietetics association members representing 180,000 dietitians and nutritionists worldwide.
In 2009, we helped form the Partnership for Dietetics Education and Practice, an alliance of dietetics regulatory bodies, dietetics educators and DC that sets standards of competence for education and practice and accredits dietetics education programs across Canada.
Annually, we acknowledge member leadership and contributions to the profession through our Awards and Recognition Program. We recognize student achievement, the pursuit of advanced education, volunteer leadership and young researchers.

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