The Facts:

  • Half of Canadians (52%) over the age of 20 live with a chronic disease1
  • Chronic diseases represent the largest share of direct healthcare costs – an estimated $68 billion annually2
  • Access to dietitian services through the homecare system is inconsistent across Canada.
  • Almost half of patients admitted to Canadian hospitals in a national survey were malnourished.3
  • Malnutrition is linked to longer hospitals stays and increased risk of readmission.3

Older adults discharged from hospital improved their nutritional status, and functional status, including mobility, and quality of life when dietitian visits were added to homecare.4,5

Malnutrition is associated with increased risk of falls; nutrition interventions may decrease risk. 6

A systematic review of home-based primary care interventions, including interprofessional teams with dietitians, found reduced hospital  and long term care admissions and decreased emergency department visits.7

References for above citations.


Created December 14, 2016

Dietitians make a difference
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Dietitian services in homecare

Including dietitians on the homecare team has been identified as a “high impact practice” by the Canadian Home Care Association.

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