DC Fellows 2015

Patrice Eudora Simpson M Ad Ed, PDt

Patti Simpson is Director of Food and Nutrition Services for the Southwest Nova District Health Authority and Adjunct Professor, School of Nutrition and Dietetics, Acadia University. Patti excels in preceptorship and mentoring. Former students, peers, and colleagues have said her mentorship enables the ‘blossoming of career paths’, ‘encouraging dietitians to take on more and venture out of their comfort zones’. Patti is recognized for the volunteer leadership that has always been part of her life. She is a former Chair of the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association.
Location: Nova Scotia

Paul Fieldhouse PhD

Dr. Fieldhouse is highly regarded nationally and globally for his leadership in intersectoral nutrition policy with emphasis on food security and school nutrition. Combining a successful academic career with a professional career, Paul serves as the senior government consultant on nutrition policy, research and programs in Manitoba. As an Adjunct Professor of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba, Paul teaches in the graduate program. With a lifelong passion for exploring food and culture, he actively engages diverse audiences in this exciting topic. Dr. Fieldhouse’s text on food and culture has garnered rave reviews from readers worldwide.
Location: Manitoba

Marcia Cooper PhD, RD

Dr. Marcia Cooper’s education and career history, and peer endorsements attest to her exemplary achievements, her commitment to life-long learning, and her skillful mentoring. Marcia received her PhD from the University of Toronto, and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Health Canada’s (HC) Bureau of Nutritional Sciences. Her co-leadership in establishing DC’s Food and Culinary Network illustrates her passion for linking healthy eating and nutritional science. As a HC research scientist, Marcia has led studies on Canadian iron status and iron bioavailability, the evaluation of nutrition and food messages in the media that effect nutrition policy eg. food supplementation, and collaborated on a menu labeling research synthesis; this work helps to provide evidence-based tools and supports to the profession and to all Canadians.

Location: Ontario