DC Fellows 2016

Pierrette Buklis, MHSc, RD

Pierrette Buklis is the Senior Manager of Health and Nutrition for General Mills Canada Her career has included time spent in public health, with food industry associations, and operating her own firm aiding health organizations and food companies in navigating the maze of food research and regulations including collaborating with internationally recognized scientific researchers. Pierrette is recognized for her innovation in food product development and food policy and her passion for helping Canadians find the nutrition common sense amongst complex scientific concepts.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Rupinder Dhaliwal RD 

Rupinder Dhaliwal is the Director of Operations, Metabolic Syndrome Canada, a not-for- profit organization aimed at improving the health of Canadians at risk of metabolic syndrome through lifestyle interventions in primary care. Throughout her career, Rupinder has had a key role in research to improve patient outcomes through optimal nutrition and exercise. Her accomplishments include significant contributions to several multicenter randomized nutrition trials, International Nutrition Surveys, and the PEP UP Collaborative, and the development of the clinical practice guidelines for nutrition in critical care. Rupinder is recognized for leadership expanding the knowledge base that informs dietetic practice and her contributions to knowledge translation via numerous publications and presentations at national and international venues.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Heather Wile PDt, MA

Heather Wile’s career includes long tenures in both hospital and global industry leading to opportunities to participate in evidence generation, and practice-based research including bringing nutritionDay in Canada to Canada. She has significantly shaped our future dietitian leaders through her passionate approach to mentorship and long-term involvement in the national dietetic registration examination. Heather is recognized for her innovative, continuous learning initiatives and for implementing a novel self-directed internship program.
Region: Atlantic