DC Fellows 2017

Laurie Curry

Laurie is a leader, advocate and catalyst for improved food choices and health messages for consumers. She has been instrumental in leading food and beverage companies to embrace nutrition, health and wellness, food safety, sustainability and food security improvements.  Her leadership brought systemic changes in the global food regulatory and legislative frameworks and international standards for food allergens to nutrient content claims and health claims.  Laurie spearheaded the industry-wide health and wellness movement, calling for reduced serving sizes, nutrition labelling and new children’s advertising standards.
Region: Quebec and Northeast Ontario

Janet Madill  

Janet is a passionate educator and advocate in leading nutrition practice change. She has led innovation in knowledge translation for transplant patients and in her current position as Associate Professor at Brescia College she brings the practical experiences of the dietetic profession to her nutrition students. Throughout her career, Janet has provided inspiring and passionate leadership, mentorship for dietitians and students, and has pursued research endeavors that have achieved global impact.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Dawna Royall

Dawna is a Senior Evidence Analyst for PEN® and is the Editor of the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research. Through these roles and within her work as a research consultant, Dawna has been a strong advocate for evidence-based practice and has been a respected mentor of students and dietitians nationally and internationally. As a research consultant her research interests focus on improving the effectiveness of nutrition services in primary care.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Cathy Paroschy Harris

In a career spanning over 33 years, Cathy has been a passionate advocate for food security, access to dietitians and nutrition quality within her work setting. She was instrumental in spearheading and establishing the Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program (NODIP) now in its 10th year. In her current role as the Director of Prevention and Screening Clinical Services, and RD Professional Practice Head, she promotes healthy eating, healthy behaviours and wellness initiatives in Northwestern Ontario and beyond, and continually advocating for the dietitian profession.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario