Member Recognition Awards 2014


Sonia Bérubé

Sonia has contributed to the integration of the academic and practicum programs helping dietitians of tomorrow focus on evidence based principles of practice. Through her leadership at the Université de Moncton there is a bridging of evidence-based education in the undergraduate and internship programs. Sonia is also actively involved in the PEN Advisory Committee representing the education sector.
Location: Dieppe NB (Region: Atlantic)

Tanis Fenton

Tanis’ work heightens the professional profile of dietitians as educators through significant contributions to national standards and education in paediatric health and nutrition. She recently completed her term as Dietitians of Canada (DC) representative on the Joint Working Group: Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants (0 to 6 months of age). Tanis continues to represent DC on the Canadian Paediatric Society, Nutrition and Gastroenterology Committee.
Location: Calgary AB (Region: AB and Territories)

Isabelle Giroux

Isabelle’s significant contributions help ensure quality dietetic education standards through innovative teaching methods and dedicated, ongoing committee involvement. As an educator, she plays a key role in developing and implementing dietetic and inter professional simulated learning experiences. Le Regroupment des diététistes francophones and Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) Accreditation Standards Development Working Group are just a few of her ongoing leadership commitments.
Location: Ottawa ON (Region: Quebec, N/E and E Ontario)

Tamar Kafka

Tamar is a leading educator, evaluator, and mentor in dietetic education. She chairs the Dietetic Education Network increasing education resources to University and Internship faculty, preceptors, and students. Recently, Tamar became a Dietitians of Canada (DC) accreditation site visit surveyor and member of the DC British Columbia Workforce Committee and Working Group.
Location: Vancouver BC (Region: BC)

June Martin

June is a leader in sharing knowledge and developing innovative resources for dietitians, health care professionals, and individuals affected by kidney disease. Her leadership was key in developing the Nephrology Knowledge pathways for PEN. As a board member with the Kidney Foundation of Canada June has played a pivotal role in developing the Kidney Community Kitchen website to help those with kidney disease with their meal planning.
Location: Kitchener ON (Region: Central and Southern ON)

Carrie Rae

Carrie leads in our profession promoting healthy eating, innovative programming and fostering partnerships through her work with the Nutrition Innovation Awards in schools. She is the go-to resource person, helping judge applications and decide worthy initiatives. The awards are a partnership between Alberta Milk, Breakfast for Learning, Dietitians of Canada and Ever Active Schools to give recognition to creative healthy eating initiatives.
Location: Edmonton AB (Region: AB and Territories)


Becky Blair

Becky as an educator and practitioner contributes to knowledge for inter-professional practice and national approaches to education through the Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants initiative. She currently represents Dietitians of Canada on the Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants (6-24 months of age) Joint Working Group advocating for evidence-based practice guidelines and resources.
Location: Barrie ON (Region: Central and Southern ON)

Theresa Cividin

Theresa is significantly committed to education, professional growth, and achievement of excellence as Dietetic Internship Coordinator and Practice Leader at Vancouver Coastal Health. Representing Dietitians of Canada, she helps to advance and expand both academic and practical dietetics as part of the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice Group and the British Columbia Workforce Committee and Working group.
Location: Vancouver BC (Region: BC)

Debra Reid

Debra’s involvement in national approaches to education, such as, the Canadian Hypertension Education Program (CHEP) has enhanced access to leading-edge resources and expertise. She has been the Dietitians of Canada representative with CHEP helping to develop national guidelines and her contributions to Members in Action have helped mentor other dietitians.
Location: Low, Quebec (Region: Quebec, NE and E Ontario)


Laura Kalina

Laura is a champion of numerous projects promoting a sustainable food system and advancing the role of community food security within the Dietetic profession. She has worked in Public Health for 27 years contributing to British Columbia Ministry of Health Food Security Core Programming. Laura founded and chairs the Kamloops Food Policy Council involved in several grass roots initiatives including Community Gardens and Kitchens, Kamloops FoodShare, the Gleaning Abundance Project, and Public Produce Project.
Location: Kamloops BC (Region: BC)

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer has shown innovation while promoting health and wellness through the development, implementation, and expansion of the Prince Edward Island Healthy Eating Alliance. By collaborating with more than 20 organizations and agencies, improvements have been realized in access to Registered Dietitians, nutrition education and promotion, access to safe and healthy food. The program is now expanding to include not just the nutritional health of children and youth, but Islanders of all ages.
Location: Cornwall PE (Region: Atlantic)

Hannah Westner

Hannah has encouraged others to be agents of change in food and nutrition policy fostering collaborative approaches and innovative strategies. Through her mentorship and guidance, organizations like the Food Security Action Network and The Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition have connected to help promote food, healthy eating and nutrition in New Brunswick. Innovative strategies have lead to noticeable movement toward achieving goals in health and wellness and improved the access to dietitians and nutritionists across many sectors of New Brunswick population.
Location:: Fredericton NB (Region: Atlantic)