Member Recognition Awards 2018


Sandra Berwick

Sandra (Sandy) Berwick is recognized with a Leadership Award for her leadership on the Nova Scotia Long Term Care Dietitian and Manager Group and the provincial DC Local Action Group. Her role and involvement in the two groups includes advocacy in a number of key areas of long-term care, such as, calcium and vitamin D supplementation, increasing knowledge about dysphagia standards, importance of dietitians in home care and pre-budget requests to government. She is a key leader in bringing dietitians from across the province together to advocate for a shared passion for the ethical care of clients and families. Sandra is recognized with a Leadership Award.

Region: Atlantic

Jennifer Brady

Jennifer Brady is recognized with a Leadership Award for her work on a variety of initiatives. As a member of the Dietitians of Canada Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Leadership Team, Jennifer‘s academic background in the socio-cultural field lends a unique voice to the group helping to inform on issues such as, community level economies. Her consistent contributions across all team activities is greatly valued. Jennifer is helping to promote the vision of self-directing and self-renewing professionalism which includes supporting communities to strengthen personal, household and community security towards improved population health.

Region: Atlantic

Liesel Carlsson

Liesel Carlsson is recognized with a Leadership Award. Co-chair and lead researcher with the Dietitians of Canada Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Leadership Team, Liesel’s award-worthy contributions help achieve the profession’s vision of self-directing and self-renewing professionalism. Her research on how dietitians define SFS that promote healthy diets was a key project in the initiation of the leadership team’s work. Liesel and the team continue to inform and challenge the DC membership with how sustainable food systems look now and in the future with our members’ involvement in local, national and international initiatives.

Region: Atlantic

Ashley Cook

Ashley Cook is the recipient of a Leadership Award. “Over and beyond in all she does” aptly describes Ashley’s contributions as a Long Term Care nutrition provider and team member of the Seasons Care Dietitians Network. She has helped expand the knowledge base on senior’s nutrition contributing to numerous corporate statement papers and creating evidence-based in-services for front of house staff. Ashley recently shared her passion for knowledge and education with nutrition students of Brescia College at Western University. Through teaching students about nutrition and aging, providing exemplary care to seniors, and sharing her wealth of knowledge with colleagues and staff, Ashley is a future leader of our profession.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Hubert Cormier

Hubert Cormier is presented with a Leadership Award. An exceptional nutrition communicator and author, who champions a non-guilt based approach to eating well, Hubert has over 70,000 subscribers on social media. His most current book - Les Conseils d’Hubert: Plus de 500 conseils et recettes pour repenser son alimentation (The Advice of Hubert: More than 500 tips and recipes to rethink your diet) received the public’s Coup de Coeur award at the DUX 2018 Gala for initiatives contributing to healthy eating in the country. Hubert diligently promotes and defends nutrition science in the public arena while his efforts to increase the presence of credible health professionals in the media energizes and supports the advancement of the dietetics profession.

Region: Quebec and Northeastern Ontario

Pamela Fergusson

Pamela Fergusson is the recipient of a Leadership Award. The Dietitians of Canada Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team has been in existence since late 2016 helping define the relationship between healthy diets and sustainable food systems (SFS). Pamela has been helping raise awareness of SFS with members of the profession and other groups by contributing to presentations, a practice blog, resource materials including the backgrounder for PEN, video and a presentation. Her energy and initiative help ensure dietitians keep pace with their ethical obligation to understand and represent commitment to sustainability within the food system and encourage healthy, sustainable eating for Canadians.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario Region

Joanne Gallagher

Joanne Gallagher is receiving a Leadership award for her efforts mentoring colleagues and nutrition students. Using innovative and strategic skills she leads her team in the development of many cutting-edge, practice-based and useful resources for school communities, health professionals and consumers. Joanne’s commitment to advancing evidence-based practice served her well as a Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research Board member. Her partnership building skills help support her collaborations in multidisciplinary community-based committees. Joanne is a key contributor to the Dietitians of Canada Vision 2020.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Dale Mayerson

Dale Mayerson is recognized with a Leadership Award. Dale has been an active participant in the Ontario Long Term Care Action Group for over 15 years and co-chair for 7 years. She is an inspiration to local members of the Action Group and has profoundly impacted food and nutrition professionals working in the long-term care sector by developing and supporting best and prevailing practices. Dale’s contributions in a leadership capacity have heightened the respect for the profession and helped build a highly valued knowledge base in long-term care nutrition management.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Jill Anne McDowall

Jill Anne McDowall is recognized with a Leadership Award. Through inspirational mentoring, partnership-building, championing the knowledge, services, and lifelong professional learning of dietitians, Jill Anne is promoting access to quality nutrition care for Islanders. Helping implement the NutriSTEP screening tool for toddlers and preschoolers, and leading a review of community-based dietitian services in Prince Edward Island, are just a few examples of her leadership accomplishments. In addition to Chair of a provincial regulatory board, Jill Anne has recently been appointed Acting Director of Health of Prince Edward Island’s Public Health and Children’s Development Services Division. She will lead strategic initiatives involving a multi-disciplinary healthcare team.

Region: Atlantic

Catherine Morley

Catherine Morley is recognized with a Leadership Award for her work on the Dietitians of Canada Fellowship Review Committee whereby she works to recognize outstanding members for their contributions and leadership. Additionally, she is credited for elevating the research capacity of students and faculty in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at Acadia University. Catherine also made a substantial Impact on Seniors Health in Nova Scotia through her contribution to provincial working groups.

Region: Atlantic

Eric Ng

Eric Ng is awarded a Leadership Award for his work on the Dietitians of Canada Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team. Eric’s contributions to each of the main initiatives has been generous. He consistently provides leadership, valuable insight and support during meetings, in addition to expertise in editorializing and reviewing the group’s initiatives. Eric supports the profession in realizing the Vision 2020 goal for self-directing and self-renewing professionalism helping to clarify practical questions and translate science into best practices.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Elaine Niebergall

Elaine Niebergall is recognized with a Leadership Award. Since 1992, Elaine has collaborated with other health professions in the Pediatric Neurology Clinic at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon and was instrumental in establishing the Ketogenic Diet Program. As the first dietitian involved with the program, Elaine has touched the lives of countless children, adults and their families who have benefited from this specialized and complex dietary intervention. Her contributions help heighten the respect for the profession as the leading authority in the application of food and nutrition science for the public’s needs.

Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Twinkle Patel

Twinkle Patel is recognized with a Leadership Award. As a diversified leader and positive professional role model, Twinkle helps manage the needs of clients in long-term care homes and professional colleagues including dietetic interns and international dietitians relocating to Canada. She is a leader in quality management ensuring provincial standards across Canada related to seniors are understood and consistently applied. Her inter-professional collaboration with Behavioural Support Ontario Nurses is helping examine and educate on seniors’ responsive behaviours in dining rooms. Twinkle is leading by example and contributing to a heightened respect for the profession as the leading authority for the application of food and nutrition science for protecting and promoting the public’s health and well-being.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Christina Seely

Christina Seely is presented a Leadership Award. Christina is a tireless advocate for the health and wellbeing of people living with mental illness and is a respected expert in nutrition and mental health. She is a contributing author for two Dietitians of Canada position papers, “Promoting Mental Health through Healthy Eating and Nutritional Care” and “Addressing Household Food Insecurity in Canada”. In 2017, Christina participated in the planning committee of the Ontario Public Health Conference on Nutrition and Mental Health. As an educator for the profession – a mentor, a preceptor and a contributor to the knowledge base - Christina has helped create opportunities for entry level dietitians and inspired others to follow a similar career path. 

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Denis Tsang

Denis Tsang receives a Leadership award for his extensive work on behalf of the Dietitians of Canada Primary Health Care Action Group. His focus is electronic clinical data management/ quality improvement initiatives across Ontario from the planning stage through to implementation and evaluation. Denis has shown tremendous contribution to our profession as a mentor, knowledge broker and facilitator. He has delivered numerous workshops, presentations, conferences and hosted webinars and conference calls to facilitate the uptake of these initiatives and helping address technical issues experienced by Ontario dietitians.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Roxane Wagner

Roxane Wagner is presented with a Leadership Award. As co-chair of the Dietitians of Canada Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team, Roxane leads in an exciting and evolving area helping colleagues to become leaders in all aspects of food systems. She lends a unique voice with an academic background in business administration and hands-on experience in the farming community. Contributing to the writing of the Sustainable Food Systems backgrounder for PEN, Roxane is helping support DC END goals of sustainable food systems that promote healthy eating.

Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Susan Watson

Susan Watson is presented with a Leadership award. Susan co-founded Nutrition Academy to help build partnerships, fostering an atmosphere of sharing, mentoring and a sense of community among practicing dietitians. Susan’s passion and commitment to enhance learning, utilize technologies, heighten the profession’s profile and improve health outcomes, truly embodies the essence of the profession.

Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Fiona Yeudall 

Fiona Yeudall is presented with a Leadership Award. Fiona is a champion of sustainable food systems (SFS) issues and opportunities as part of the Dietitians of Canada SFS Leadership Team. Through her inclusionary efforts, team members spoke at the 12th Assembly of the Canadian Association for Food Studies highlighting the challenges and opportunities for our membership to engage in SFS. Fiona liaisons with colleagues, including dietetic educators to further advocate for discussion, awareness and active participation among educators and students on this topic and its important issues.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Association Catalyst

Delone Abercrombie

Delone Abercrombie receives an Association Catalyst Award. Delone is recognized as an agent of change in food and nutrition policy for her contributions to public health nutrition, especially in household food insecurity. She co-chairs the Alberta Food Insecurity Working Group, advocating to position action on food insecurity in a health equity framework through the Alberta Health Services’ Cost of Healthy Eating Reports and a transformational report on Affordability of Healthy Eating in Alberta. Delone was a contributing author to the Dietitians of Canada Household Food Insecurity Backgrounder helping build the knowledge base for the profession and is currently the Chair of the DC Nutrition and Food Security Network.

Region: Alberta and Territories

Madonna Achkar

Madonna Achkar is presented with an Association Catalyst award. Madonna is an engaged Dietitians of Canada (DC) member who has contributed significantly to increasing the awareness and value of DC membership and participation in DC activities. As a Nutrition Month Regional Representative for Northeast Ontario and Quebec and Nunavut, she has been a key player and true asset in bringing together local dietitians and organizing Nutrition Month activities.

Region: Alberta and Territories

Heidi Boyd

Heidi Boyd is presented with an Association Catalyst award. Heidi is a dedicated volunteer demonstrating continued initiative and support for committees in Newfoundland and Labrador. As a member of the Dietitians of Canada Local Action Group, she contributes excellent ideas and practical solutions to group priorities. Heidi is the co-lead on the DC branding initiative and brings a dietitian’s perspective and guidance to the Food First Newfoundland initiative as part of their Advisory Board. In her volunteer and professional roles, she helps advance and expand the profession of dietetics, including increasing access to dietitians in Canada.

Region: Atlantic

Marcia Cooper

Marcia Cooper is the recipient of an Association Catalyst Award. Marcia is one of the founding co-chairs of the Dietitians of Canada Food and Culinary Network and this was a springboard to the creation of the cookbook ‘Dietitians of Canada Cook!’. Her research into the culinary skills of dietetic students was published in the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research in the Fall of 2016. Marcia’s contributions heighten the profile of the profession illustrating dietitians as the leading authority in both food and nutrition.

Region: Quebec and Northeast Ontario

Melissa Hardy

Melissa Hardy is recognized with an Association Catalyst award for her exceptional contributions in the early stage of her nutrition career. An excellent clinician in diabetes education, she works in a remote community in Northern Ontario. Melissa co-chairs the Dietitians of Canada Aboriginal Nutrition Network (ANN) which successfully provides resources (such as the “Your Health Matters” calendar) and advice to policy makers and colleagues in all sectors across the country. The ANN has also made tremendous inroads working with universities and internship programs to increase opportunities for indigenous dietetic students.  

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Valerie Johnson

Valerie Johnson is recognized with an Association Catalyst award. Valerie has led the review of nominations for Member Recognition Awards, and previously the Volunteer Recognition Awards for many years. In addition to thanking members for their support and engagement, the Member Recognition Awards serve to highlight contributions by members with employers and other health care professionals, academic program directors and colleagues, industry partners, raising dietitians’ profiles, expanding dietitians’ leadership and showcasing dietitians’ expertise and contributions to the health of Canadians. DC’s ability to achieve these results would be limited without Valerie’s enduring leadership and commitment to the Member Recognition Awards.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Karen Kristensen

Karen Kristensen is recognized with an Association Catalyst award. Karen has been Network Chair of the Dietitians of Canada (DC) Pediatric Network since 2012. Karen is credited with the concept of an online course in pediatric nutrition for DC members. It will be focused toward dietitians transitioning into pediatrics and undergraduates searching for a more robust experience in this specialty. Karen’s work helps contribute to the advancement of the profession by providing a network of supportive peers who can offer best practice tools and resources, communications and information sharing across the country through the Network.

Region: British Columbia

Sonya Kupka

Sonya Kupka receives an Association Catalyst award. As Dietitians of Canada Regional Executive Director for the BC Region from 2013 to early 2018, Sonya demonstrated leadership through advocacy and education. Key accomplishments include educating politicians about dietitians’ leading role in promoting health and wellness and helping bring together dietitians in Local Action Groups, such as the Primary Care and Extended Health Benefits Local Action Group. Sonya’s dedication has helped advance key advocacy matters, such as, increasing patient access to dietitians through enhanced dietitian visibility/collaboration with physicians and increasing extended health coverage for dietitian services.

Region: British Columbia

Stephanie Langdon

Stephanie Langdon receives an Association Catalyst Award for her efforts raising the profile of the profession through her interview series, “What Registered Dietitians Do”. Through the many interviews she has conducted Stephanie showcases the unique and diverse skill sets and experiences of professional dietitians. She has demonstrated her commitment to the profession through her contributions to Dietitians of CanadaDietitian Brand Leadership team, and has contributed to the DC Practice Blog. In 2015, Stephanie was a speaker at the DC Saskatchewan Research Day.

Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Amanda Leendertse

Amanda Leendertse receives an Association Catalyst Award. Amanda has been an active, engaged member and co-chair of the Dietitians of Canada Continuing Education Committee in Edmonton since 2011. Amanda advances access to affordable, evidence-based, continuing education for dietitians in the Edmonton area. Her commitment to the committee over 6 years demonstrates her commitment to the priorities of DC, including lifelong learning for members.

Region: Alberta and Territories

Lisa Mina

Lisa Mina is recognized with an Association Catalyst Award. Lisa has been an active member of Dietitians of Canada Regulatory Affairs Advisory Group (RAAG) since 2016. Lisa has made a substantial contribution to RAAG in that her input strives for a balance between science, public health and practical application in the food supply. Contributing to RAAG ensures that dietitians remain a credible leading voice in the development of Canada’s national nutrition and health policies.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Carolyne Mondoux

Carolyne Mondoux is recognized with an Association Catalyst award. Thanks to Carolyne’s continued leadership, a Dietitians of Canada Local Action Group was formed and implemented in Ottawa helping give representation to the outstanding work and accomplishments of Ottawa area dietitians. In addition, the Action Group helps organize networking and social events to build a community of practice and opportunities for sharing and partnerships. Carolyne’s initiatives and actions contribute to positioning dietitians as leaders and engaging more members in DC activities.

Region: Quebec and Northeast Ontario

Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan is recognized with an Association Catalyst award for her passion for networking and partnership-building. Involved with the Dietitians Network of Nova Scotia (DNNS) since its formation, her leadership as current secretary and social media manager for the core committee is highly valued. Coleen helps promote the partnership between DNNS and Dietitians of Canada contributing to accessible lifelong learning and networking for colleagues in Nova Scotia. Her work with the Coast to Coast sessions in Halifax and contribution to the Nova Scotia Dietitians for Health Insurance Access (DC Local Action Group) further demonstrate Coleen’s focus on heightening the profile of our profession.

Region: Atlantic

Jennifer Pasanen

Jennifer Pasanen is recognized with an Association Catalyst Award. Jenny has been actively engaged as a member of the Dietitians of Canada Continuing Education Committee - Edmonton since 2011. During this time, she has been a stalwart of the committee helping contribute innovative event ideas, and is consistently a willing event organizer and volunteer for the many events the committee hosts. Jennifer’s commitment to the committee over these years demonstrates her commitment to the priorities of the Association including the priority of being the profession’s most important source of lifelong learning.

Region: Alberta and Territories

Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez is presented with an Association Catalyst Award. Monica has been a key volunteer member of Dietitians Network of Nova Scotia (DNNS). She is the co-editor for the “Dietitian Spotlight” – a profile that showcases Nova Scotia dietitians on the DNNS website, thereby promoting dietitians and their role to the broader community. Monica is also chair of a Dietitians of Canada local action group which supports members to reach out to employers in Nova Scotia regarding the benefits of accessing dietitian services.

Region: Atlantic

Adrianna Smallwood

Adrianna Smallwood is recognized with an Association Catalyst award for her activities ensuring increased access to dietitians in Canada. She has coordinated and initiated individual meetings with insurance agencies in Newfoundland to create awareness and advocate for third party insurance coverage for dietitians using Dietitian of Canada resources. Adrianna has generously shared this success with other groups of dietitians across the Atlantic provinces. 

Region: Atlantic

Suzanne Tenold

Suzanne Tenold is recognized with an Association Catalyst award for her active engagement as a member of the Dietitians of Canada Continuing Education Committee – Calgary since 2009. By supporting the initiatives of the Education Committee, Suzanne advances access to affordable, evidence-based continuing education to dietitians in the Calgary area and contributes to Dietitians of Canada being the profession’s most important source of lifelong professional learning.

Region: Alberta and Territories


Rose Russell

Rose Russell is presented with an Education Award. Rose has been instrumental in shaping the dietetic internship programs at Brescia College at Western University and is well recognized as an exemplary educator and mentor of students. She is the lead author on “Interdisciplinary Guide to Feeding Tube Discussions” to be published next month in the Canadian Nursing Home professional journal. Rose has presented at numerous workshops and conferences and is a leader in nutrition in long-term care.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Nadya Savoie

Nadya Savoie is recognized with an Education Award. As a leader in dietetic education at Horizon Health Network's The Moncton Hospital for the better part of two decades, it is with great pleasure we recognize Nadya’s passion and commitment to her students’ future roles within our profession. She helps create a supportive and diverse learning environment by integrating and fostering inter-professional relationships between interns and other disciplines. Nadya inspires others to become leaders in promoting health and wellness, to engage in lifelong learning and to embrace mentorship of those beginning their dietetic careers.

Region: Atlantic

Deborah Everett 

Deborah Everett is recognized with an Education Award.Deborah’s achievements as Clinical Nutrition Manager are extensive, so singling out her accomplishments as Director of Internship speaks to the abundance of talent she possesses. At the Nova Scotia Health Authority (Central Zone) Deborah has sculpted a rich learning environment for both Dietetic Interns and Clinical Dietitians emphasizing evidence-based practice and moving clinical practice forward. She is being recognized for directing the largest post-graduate Dietetic Internship in Atlantic Canada for the past seven years. In that time, Deborah has mentored over 100 graduate-level interns who, confident in their knowledge and expertise, have proudly assumed practice in all areas of administration, clinical dietetic practice, academia and research.

Region: Atlantic


Stacey Scaman

Stacey Scaman is recognized with an Innovation Award for being an innovative leader in the nutrition care of older adults, championing a proactive approach to hydration management. In the process, she has created evidence-based, time saving tools and programs that are practical and transition seamlessly to the work settings of healthcare professionals. Stacey strives to enhance the care provided to seniors focusing not only on hydration best practices, but also dysphagia and enteral feeding. Her innovative work has been presented at numerous national and international meetings. Stacey continues to be an active leader of the Dietitians of Canada Gerontology Network and the Ontario Long Term Care Action Group helping to shape future initiatives.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Joyce Ledwidge

Joyce Ledwidge receives an Innovation Award. Joyce is a dietitian in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre in Halifax and has contributed to the nutritional well-being of infants for over two decades. She played a key leadership role in the journey towards Baby Friendly Hospital designation. Also, the implementation of the Breast Milk Room, a first in Atlantic Canada, and a barcode tracking system which is a novel approach to applying food and nutrition science in health care. Joyce’s work has helped to increase the accessibility of breast milk to the most vulnerable population. In the process, she has helped create a number of new dietitian and diet technician positions to improve access to nutrition specialists across the continuum of care.

Region: Atlantic