Member Recognition Awards 2017


Dahlia Abou El Hassan

Dahlia’s leadership is reflected in the passion she brings to dietetic education and by leading through example. She has embarked on an untapped area of research by looking at the impact of protected meal times on patient nutrient intake. Through her research she has contributed to the knowledge base of our profession and has helped shape policy that impacts the nutritional well-being of clients. She is a leader in the corporate world and has inspired others to seek opportunities in food service management.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Anne Marie Armstrong

Anne Marie has helped pioneer dietitian’s roles in the retail market as Regional Manager for the Loblaw Atlantic Dietitian team. Her vision has helped shape an environment of learning, respect, critical thinking and knowledge sharing between colleagues and with the general public. Anne Marie has helped grow the program by advocating for dietitians as nutrition experts. She recently has taken the lead on the Social Media team to examine best practices for successful integration and engagement in social media. Anne Marie’s initiatives promote heightened respect for the profession and help expand dietitian’s roles within the community.
Region: Atlantic

Mélissa Couture-Léger

Mélissa is a “shaker and a mover” who, as a leader, integrates new approaches and communications within the practice of Canadian dietitians. Improving community awareness about the necessity of a school food zone policy was the goal while traveling the province for five days by bicycle. Mélissa volunteers with Diététistes en mission, which collaborated with Les Héros du Cœur to help heighten awareness of this worthy community initiative. In doing so, Mélissa helped heighten respect of the dietetic profession as the leading authority for application of food and nutrition science for the public’s need.
Region: Atlantic

Samara Felesky-Hunt

Samara is a successful dietitian entrepreneur in Calgary. She works in partnership with individuals, families, communities and organizations to help achieve effective outcomes like healthy weight and chronic disease management. For other private practitioners, she is a leader and trail blazer, owning and managing a successful business since 1994. Samara is well known and sought after by media, for print, radio and television contributions. She has also contributed to PEN, Nutrition Month and is the Alberta representative for the DC Consulting Dietitian Network. Her contributions help heighten respect for our profession.
Region: Alberta and the Territories

Coralee Hill

Coralee continually demonstrates her leadership skills through her work with the Manitoba Dial-a-Dietitian program. She wears many hats including entrepreneur, policy planner, researcher, knowledge broker, and advocate for change through tele-dietetic health promotion and access to services. Her contributions have been instrumental to the soon to be launched Dial-a-Dietitian Facebook account. Coralee’s dedication and leadership help heighten respect for the profession as the leading authority for application of food and nutrition science for the public’s need.
Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba Region

Betty-Ann Horbul

Betty-Ann is receiving recognition for her dedication and commitment to advocacy, education, and leadership. Her involvement with community, dietetic and governmental committees and organizations has produced a lengthy list of accomplishments and publications. She has advocated for healthy foods in schools, food security for indigenous people, to name a few. She strongly supports lifelong learning and the profession’s knowledge base by mentoring students and colleagues in areas of public health and nutrition. Through Betty-Ann’s leadership at The Porcupine Health Unit, additional dietitian resources help provide support and service the community’s nutrition health needs. Her contributions help to heighten the respect for our profession and position dietitians as leaders and nutrition experts.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario Region

Frances Johnson

As the Professional Practice Leader of Clinical Nutrition at Providence Health Care, Frances is credited with positioning Clinical Nutrition as a highly respected department within the organization and by the senior leadership team. For dietitians, this has translated into increased involvement in interdisciplinary committees, organizational initiatives and practice-based research. She helped lead the transformation of the UBC dietetics program to an integrated undergraduate dietetics program with province wide placement, in her role as dietetic educator. Frances’ contributions have heightened respect for dietitians as the leading authority for food and nutrition science application. She has lead by example, and in doing so has inspired many others in our profession to do the same.
Region: British Columbia

Gina McGraw

Gina has the ability to mobilize (literally), and create bridges within the community. She is recognized for taking a lead role helping to encourage healthy food environments around schools in New Brunswick. How, you may ask? Gina volunteers with Diététistes en mission and in collaboration with Les Héros du Cœur, traveled the province by bicycle for five days, raising community awareness about the necessity of a school food zone policy. The initiative is innovative, fits well with DC’s Vision 2020 and encourages dietitians to lead in promoting health, while using a diversified role and innovative teaching.
Region: Atlantic

Andrea Miller 

Andrea`s work as a mentor and her dedication in putting together mentoring circles for dietitians is recognized as a novel approach to lifelong learning. Andrea has presented nationally on the topic of mentoring for dietitians. Andrea has established a process that provides support without removing responsibility for learning, which is crucial to career development for any professional. Her approach not only teaches others but supports them in developing their own competency as mentors as well.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Jane Pryor

Jane has demonstrated strong leadership qualities in her professional career and in her endeavours with nutrition, foodservice and dietetic organizations, within Nova Scotia and nationally. As Director at The Capital District Health Authority she coordinated development of a Healthy Eating Policy and Strategy. Jane then initiated a bold citizen engagement process resulting in a Healthy Foods Only policy in retail and restaurant services. This was a first for Nova Scotia, and Canada, at the time. Jane is recognized for her strong commitment to promoting dietitians as the nutrition experts and her advocacy for healthy eating and policy change.
Region: Atlantic

Cara Rosenbloom

Cara has inspired others through her leadership, while sharing her knowledge and vast experience with colleagues, interns, students and the general public. She is highly sought out by media sources and recently co-authored the cookbook, Nourish. Cara also chairs the DC Business and Industry Network. Her contributions help promote dietitians as leaders and experts while positioning the profession as the most credible source of nutrition information.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Melissa (Misty) Rossiter

Dr. Rossiter’s nomination highlights the diverse roles dietitians can develop and nurture and in the process help create effective public health policy. As a primary or co-investigator, her research focus is assessing and promoting nutritional health for women and children. By examining the Nutrition Standards in Child Care in PEI, Melissa’s research progressed to engaging the child care community in conversation about feeding young children through the Early Years Centres Evaluation project. She is a member of the Obesity Prevention from Conception pan-Canadian team and a DC representative with The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada developing clinical practice guidelines on female nutrition. Dr. Rossiter’s contributions demonstrate strong leadership and commitment in promoting nutrition health and building the profession’s knowledge base.
Region: Atlantic

Jill Wheaton

Jill contributions to the profession have helped elevate respect for dietitians as leading authorities for the application of food and nutrition science for the public’s need. Sustained contributions in provincial endeavours such as Food First Newfoundland, both the DC Nutrition Month and Branding Initiative, demonstrate her commitment and willingness to share her expertise. Jill demonstrates the same commitment in mentoring dietitians of the future proving to be a worthy role model for dietitians of today and tomorrow..
Region: Atlantic


Glendora Boland

Glendora is a pioneer and champion for advancing nutrition and the role of the dietitian throughout many sectors of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as, throughout Canada. Since 2013, she is recognized as being the driving force behind the Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging recipe book and playing an integral role in the Newfoundland Healthy Eating Promotion Plan. Glendora participated on the Food Security Interdepartmental working group helping develop the Everybody Eats Discussion Paper by Food First Newfoundland. One of her great strengths is her ability to be an effective collaborator with various groups and agencies across the continuum of care and across sectors of our economy and society. An Outstanding Dietitian Diva!
Region: Atlantic

Natasha Haskey

Natasha mentors and advocates for both students, and dietitians, to advance their skills and knowledge to move into new settings and innovative roles. Natasha has followed the advice she gives to others and has had a diverse career as a dietitian. She is recognized nationally as a leader in our profession, especially in the area of diet and the gut biome. Natasha is being recognized by her profession for her expertise and leadership on new frontiers, helping to advance our knowledge and understanding of gastrointestinal health and nutrition.
Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Brenda Macdonald

Brenda’s colleagues describe her as a visionary and a leader. Successful strategic thinking translated into improvements to better serve patients, families and staff at Nova Scotia’s IWK Health Centre. Her innovative planning and programming includes “Dial for Dining”, offering fresh meals 24/7 (a first for a hospital in Canada), implementing a NICU Breastmilk Preparation Room and replacing pop and juice in retail services with fruit infused water. Fellow dietitians in Nova Scotia are very excited about Brenda’s new role as the Senior Director of Food and Nutrition Services and know that she will bring her demonstrated passion, success and innovation to this role.
Region: Atlantic

Sue Mah

Sue is highly regarded by colleagues and media for her extensive nutrition expertise. As co-founder of Media Training Boot Camp and Nutrition for NON-Nutritionists, she shares her extensive media and nutrition science knowledge and background. Sue advances the dietetic profession as an acclaimed nutrition writer, nutrition trends expert, inspiring speaker and engaging media spokesperson, including working with several national TV shows. She promotes, tirelessly and with passion, the “Registered Dietitian brand as the most credible, trustworthy source of nutrition advice”.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Gwendolyn (Wendy) Shah

Wendy is co-developer of an interactive, self-management program helping clients make positive, sustainable changes to eating behaviour. This cognitive behavioural-based program has also been adapted for Canada’s First Nation population. Furthermore, Gwendolyn has developed an online training and certification for health professionals, including dietitians, to enhance their practice and competency in eating psychology. The Craving Change Program, with Gwendolyn’s astute leadership and entrepreneurship, supports inter-professional collaboration with teams in all communities helping to implement innovative strategies.
Region: Alberta and Territories

Association Catalyst

Lynn Blackwood

As a regional nutritionist and active DC member, Lynn provides leadership and illustrates her commitment to our profession on a daily basis. She continually promotes healthy eating and aims to increase access to healthy food and beverages for people of the north including First Nations and Metis indigenous people. She serves as DC Nutrition Month Media and Provincial Representative for Newfoundland and Labrador.
Region: Atlantic

Carolyn Chu

Carolyn is well recognized for her work as a public health nutritionist. Her career spans 4 decades including local health promotion that garnered a Certificate of Merit from the Speaking of Food and Healthy Living Awards. Carolyn exudes the positive work Registered Dietitians do in health promotion. She works tirelessly to promote and support her colleagues in such areas as food security, poverty reduction and building health equity. Her work with creating supportive environments, promoting local food and food security and reorienting health services is recognized by her peers and makes Carolyn a deserving recipient of the Association Catalyst award.
Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Stephanie Cook

Stephanie’s contributions in Long Term Care Nutrition are numerous and satisfy the Association Catalyst award criteria to a “T”. She has helped increase access to dietitians in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and effectively collaborated with educators and regulators. Her involvement with the local DC Long Term Care Action Group has been invaluable and helped inform Provincial policy for dietetic services, strategies and resources. Stephanie’s leadership has helped contribute to a philosophy change. First, creating enhanced mealtime experiences for residents in care homes. Secondly, enhancing the understanding of what dietitians have to contribute to the team.
Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Andrée-Anne Fafard St-Germain

Andrée-Anne contributed her time and assisted with research, review and critique of literature, as well as writing skills in the preparation of the DC Household Food Insecurity papers, over the course of three years. She also contributed her unique academic expertise as the author of the housing section in the Position and Recommendations paper. Andrée-Anne has truly gone the extra mile and in doing so has contributed to DC being the profession’s most important source of lifelong professional learning and development.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Karen Fediuk

Karen volunteered her time over three years to the preparation and publishing of the DC Household Food Insecurity papers published in 2016. In particular, she shared her expertise in research and cultural competence in the background and recommendations with respect to unique challenges among Indigenous peoples. Karen’s research and review of the literature and writing skills contributed significantly to the completion of the papers and ensured the achievement of the association being the profession’s most important source of lifelong professional learning and development.
Region: British Columbia

Suzanne Galesloot

Suzanne Galesloot is recognized with an Association Catalyst Award for her sustained contributions to the research, review and critique of literature, as well as writing skills in the preparation of the DC Household Food Insecurity papers. She also assisted in the dissemination of the completed publication, through her contribution as a speaker in a webinar hosted by PROOF. Recommendations for use in advocacy to government were a new feature of the 2016 papers, to which Suzanne contributed her expertise gained through many years of practice in the area of food security.
Region: Alberta and the Territories

Kerry Grady-Vincent

As a member of the Morgan Medal committee since its inception, Kerry has been a driving force in the continuous efforts to recognize Susan Morgan’s legacy. Her sustained commitment supports innovative education and training of dietetic interns by increasing value placed on research through the Morgan Award. She has participated in building a community of dietetics that values curiosity, evidence informed practice, dietetic research and continued learning.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Suzanne Johnson

Over a period of three years, Suzanne assisted in the research, review and critique of literature, as well as writing skills, in the preparation of the DC Household Food Insecurity papers. In particular, Suzanne shared her expertise in research and cultural competence in the background and recommendations with respect to unique challenges among Indigenous peoples. Suzanne’s contributions to the profession’s knowledge of household food insecurity have benefited us all.
Region: British Columbia

Gerry Kasten

Gerry is recognized for his contributions in the preparation of the DC Household Food Insecurity papers over the course of three years. His participation as a spokesperson for the completed publication and its dissemination has ensured Dietitians of Canada’s position as the profession’s most important source of lifelong professional learning and development.
Region: British Columbia

Melanie Kurrein

Melanie is recognized for her support of the DC Household Food Insecurity papers over the course of three years. Melanie contributed her expertise, gain through years of involvement on the issue of food security in British Columbia. Among the support Melanie provided was assistant with research and review and critique of literature, as well as writing of the final papers. Melanie’s contribution to the preparation of the papers earned her recognition as an Association Catalyst.
Region: British Columbia

Eric Ng

Eric is recognized for his sustained support of the DC Household Food Insecurity papers. Between 2013 and 2016, Eric contributed countless hours researching, reviewing and critiquing relevant literature. His expertise on the issue of health equity, racism and mental health considerations added a unique and essential perspective and context. Eric’s contribution to the preparation of the papers earned him recognition as an Association Catalyst.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Kara Parsons

Kara’s professional career has taken her to clinical, corporate and community settings. With each opportunity she has risen to the challenges and helped pave the way for those who choose to follow in her footsteps. More recently, with the team of dietitians at Loblaws, Kara is helping lead on new frontiers in the application of food and nutrition science and technology from the farm gate to the table. She is a key contributor to the DC local action group (New Brunswick Dietitians in Action), and regional representative for DC Nutrition Month. Kara’s contributions heighten the profile of the profession illustrating that dietitians are champions of healthy eating skills.
Region: Atlantic

Sarah Remmer

Sarah‘s work with the media and as co-chair of the DC Media Network, has illuminated the important role dietitians play in health promotion. She is an inspiration for others who wish to pursue this avenue of dietetics. Sarah has reached a large segment of the Canadian population with her gift for connecting with others through television and other forms of media. She has helped make the dietitian a recognized source of accurate nutrition information though her work and has been described by her nominators as being an inspirational leader.
Region: Alberta and the Territories

Tracy Sanden

Tracy is recognized with an Association Catalyst Award for her support, over three years, to the preparation of the DC Household Food Insecurity papers, published in 2016. In addition to assisting with writing, Tracy reviewed research and its synthesis for the paper, ensuring consistency and thoroughness of the content. Tracy’s support has ensured Dietitians of Canada’s position as the profession’s most important source of lifelong professional learning and development.
Region: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Marjorie Scott

Marjorie is being saluted for her sustained involvement in advancing the profession of dietetics in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as in Canada. This dedication continues as Marjorie serves on committees and working groups that affect policy and make the role of dietitians more visible and professional. From President of the provincial Dietetic Association to board member of the provincial College of Dietitians to DC committees exploring dietetic costing, education and training. Marjorie is a role model for all dietitians with her dedication, tenacity, leadership and grass roots work ethic.
Region: Atlantic

Jennifer Strome

Jennifer is a committed member of the DC Regulatory Affairs Advisory Group (RAAG) and over the past four years has helped craft consultation responses to Health Canada. She provides unique contributions and perspectives to the committee’s work through her expertise in population health, chronic disease and association with private practitioners and industry consultants. Jennifer has helped advance our profession’s body of knowledge of food and nutrition. Her volunteer work further supports DC values by helping support our members in their diverse and rewarding roles as leaders to promote health and wellness.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

Julie Urbshott

Julie is well recognized for her role in raising the profile of the dietitian in Long Term care. She is a passionate educator and a regular guest lecturer at Brescia University College. Julie has presented at a number of conferences and will be presenting at this year’s Dietitians of Canada Conference in St John’s. She has been successful in helping to increase the number of Registered Dietitians working in long-term care in southern Ontario and Julie is a leader in the area of preceptorship.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario


Megan Cowan

Megan is a creative, forward–looking thinker whose passion for mentoring and exceptional collaboration skills has led her to create diverse opportunities for learning. She is recognized by her colleagues at Ryerson University for creating a culture whereby preceptorship is considered an essential skill for dietetic practice. Megan is a master at building partnerships among stakeholders involved in education and training. Her contributions and initiatives support others to be effective mentors, as she advocates for and promotes the value of dietetic practice in emerging sectors. Megan is a trailblazer in the dietetics field.
Region: Northwest and Central Ontario