Member Recognition Awards 2019 - Association Catalyst

These award winners are recognized for their volunteer efforts, professional expertise and achievements that contribute to the advancement of the profession in the area of association catalyst

Emily Andreiuk - Alberta and Territories

Emily has been an active DC member and member of the Dietitians of Canada, Continuing Education Committee: Edmonton, since 2016. Emily has helped dietitians access continuing education and networking events in the Edmonton area. Her volunteer activities are diverse and include helping to draft and update the Committee’s Terms of Reference and acting as moderator at events. She is a great example for her peers and embodies the values and vision of Dietitians of Canada.

Marlin Bendayan - Alberta and Territories

Marlin has been an integral, engaged member of the DC Alberta Long Term Care Action Group since 2014.During this time, she has been actively involved in committee meetings, setting the advocacy agenda, sharing evidence, tools and resources in support of best practice in Long Term Care and coordinating responses to provincial consultations and communications with government representatives and policy makers. Recently Marlin participated in the planning and implementation of educational events and an advocacy priority setting day for dietitians in Alberta.

Virginnia Bright - Ontario

Virginia has chaired the DC Gerontology Network for 6 years. She has been instrumental in shaping the dietetic practicum program at Brescia College. Virginia’s dedication, knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition, long term care and gerontology has inspired future dietitians to follow a similar path and reaching new heights for the profession.

Kristin Hedges - Atlantic

Kirsten is a leader with the Kids Eat Smart Foundation (KESF) in Newfoundland and Labrador. Kristen works collaboratively with members of various school communities, including school administrators, teachers, and volunteers, to improve access to nutritious and affordable foods at the over 260 breakfast clubs across the province. Her work with KESF and volunteer efforts with Dietitians of Newfoundland and Labrador, a local action group of DC, helps raise the profile of dietitians as the most credible and trustworthy source of nutrition information. 

Sally Ho - Alberta and Territories

Sally has been an active, engaged member of the DC Continuing Education Committee in Edmonton since 2017. During this time, Sally has been helping to create innovative events, and has been a willing event organizer and eager volunteer. Sally has also supported provincial MLA receptions including providing input to advocacy materials that highlight the value of dietitians in the public health system.


Michele Macdonald Werstuck  - Ontario

Michele was the Chair of the Ontario Dietitians of Canada Primary Health Care Action Group from 2016 to 2018, leading advocacy initiatives to improve access to, value and cost-effectiveness of increasing access to dietitians in primary health care. Michele championed both the PEN key practice points related to how many dietitians are required in primary care practice and published a manuscript entitled “Dietetic Staffing and workforce capacity in Primary Health Care” in the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research. She presented in October 2018 on the dietetic staffing and workforce capacity in primary health care at the Canadian Health Leaders Network conference. Michele is an ideal ambassador of Dietitians of Canada when meeting with decision makers and elected officials.

Lani Rabinovitch  - Alberta and Territories

Lani Rabinovitch is recognized for her volunteerism with Dietitians of Canada’s Continuing Education Committee (DC CEC) in Calgary. Lani has heightened profile for the profession by supporting and assisting with educational events in Calgary, including the annual Nutrition Support Day, Research Rounds and National Dietitians Day celebrations. Lani’s active participation in the DC CEC over the past 8 years demonstrates her commitment to the priorities of DC including the priority of being the profession’s most important source of lifelong learning.  

Linda Vickers  - Ontario

 Linda’s initiatives and actions contributed to the continued development of the Ottawa and Region Geriatric Care Dietitians Practice Group. Through her work as chair of this group, she has shown herself to be a leader in promoting continuing education. Linda is an advocate for dietitians working in long-term care and is committed to empowering dietitians to continually grow in their practice.