Member Recognition Awards 2019 - Leadership

These award winners are recognized for their volunteer efforts, professional expertise and achievements that contribute to the advancement of the profession in the area of leadership

Barbara Crocker - British Columbia

Barbara is an exceptional role model, showcasing dietitians’ leadership in promoting health. The growth of community gardens and kitchens, food literacy programs in schools and the community, and healthier choices in food banks in Vancouver have been supported by her innovative, caring, inclusive and collaborative leadership. In her role as a Director with NutritionLink Services, she has been a strong advocate for supporting and sponsoring food security projects through nutrition education and food skill building for vulnerable British Columbia residents. Her work with colleagues and community members to grow and expand food literacy initiatives to make healthy food, cooking skills and nutrition information more accessible, particularly for the vulnerable populations, has resulted in respect for dietitians as credible and trustworthy sources of food and nutrition information.

Isabelle Hall - Atlantic

Isabelle is recognized for her sustained contributions help to heighten the respect for our profession as the leading authority in food and nutrition science. Accolades from Isabelle’s peers are extensive, highlighting her significant involvement in the Newfoundland and Labrador Local Action Group, Nutrition Month Committee, and as a mentor to future dietitians. Above all, Isabelle has helped shape the Food First Newfoundland’s Healthy Eating Resource Centre and continues to provide guidance to the Review Committee.

Eileen Freeman - Ontario

Eileen Freeman is recognized for her sustained commitment as a preceptor for students in the Masters of Applied Nutrition program at the University of Guelph. Engaged with the program since 2006, and always willing to support student placements, Eileen is described as having the unique ability to see the strengths of every student. She is known for tailoring practicum learning environments to meet student needs so they thrive and grow within dietetics. Generous with her time, and keen to support students in expanding their professional networks, Eileen has exposed students to opportunities in long-term care and foodservice management and deepened their understanding of the wide range of possibilities in practice.  

Jenneke van Hemert - British Columbia

Jenneke has founded the innovative private practice, Therapeutic Meals, providing medical nutrition therapy and medical meal delivery for seniors to support them to age well in place. Jenneke is an advocate for malnutrition screening for seniors and promoting referrals to dietitians for nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnoses, intervention and evaluation. In October 2018, she submitted a presentation to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services to draw attention to the profession of dietitians as leaders, educators and trainers, specifically identifying a role for dietitians to build capacity for malnutrition screening for seniors in the community at several points of care frequented by seniors leading to a recommendation for the 2019 provincial budget.

Manon Laporte - New Brunswick

Manon Laporte is awarded a Member Recognition Award in the Leadership category. Manon is a leader in nutrition support and malnutrition in New Brunswick and across Canada through her work with the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force, as first author on the Canadian Nutrition Screening Tool, and in helping to develop the Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care. She began training dietitians in Subjective Global Assessment in 2015 and, since then, has also trained dietitians in Nova Scotia and Quebec. Manon is also a leader in nutrition support, and has been working to standardize parenteral nutrition protocols in the Vitalité Health Network.

Christina Lengyel  - Manitoba/Saskatchewan

Christina’s exemplary leadership has inspired members and students through her mentorship in as an Associate Professor in the Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba. Christina’s high profile volunteer contributions in advancing academic excellence and practical dietetics education showed another facet of her leadership which led her to host the 2018 CAPPHN meeting. Christina championed significant initiatives through her research looking at the nutrition of baby boomers as her results are highlighted in CFDR’s Annual Report and the M3 study where she played a critical role advocating for the importance of food and nutrition and dietitians services in long term care with key stakeholders and decisions makers to advance policies of Manitoba and beyond. Christina’s exemplary work brings lights on the importance of our profession.

Shin Low - Ontario

Shin has been invaluable to the continued success of the Masters of Applied Nutrition program at the University of Guelph for over a decade. Shin creates a supportive and diverse learning environment for dietetic students. Under Shin’s mentorship, students experience how various disciplines work together at a community health centre, but they also experience how dietitians can job share, and provide different expertise to a position. As a dietetic preceptor she helps to advance the profession by inspiring students to be engaged within their community and to be advocates for adequate health care for their clients. 

Paula MacEachern  - Atlantic

Paula is a leader in nutrition and foodservices in Canada and has demonstrated the value of having dietitians in leadership positions in healthcare. As a director with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, Paula led a complete overhaul of the foodservices model throughout the province, including offering menu items cooked from scratch, retaining dietitian positions throughout Nova Scotia, and successfully leading her team of nutrition and foodservices staff throughout the province while collaborating with key stakeholders. Paula exemplifies Vision 2020 by leading the creation of a sustainable nutrition and foodservices model.

Shelley Murphy - Ontario

Shelley Murphy receives a Member Recognition Award in the Leadership category for her commitment as a preceptor for students in the Masters of Applied Nutrition program at the University of Guelph. For over a decade, Shelley has been a role model for collaborative, interprofessional, community-based practice for students working with her at the Guelph Community Health Centre. Described as an extraordinary preceptor, Shelley encourages students to try new things to build their repertoire of skills, and students under her guidance are often empowered to be community advocates for food security, better food environments, and quality health care.   

Kayla Thomas - Atlantic

Kayla is a strong and passionate dietitian voice for children and youth in Nova Scotia. She is a leader and advocate for healthy food environments for children and youth and is instrumental in supporting and building capacity in school healthy eating programs across the province. Kayla also uses her skills and knowledge to mentor and build capacity amongst other dietitians and future dietitians in creating healthy food environments for children and youth, resulting in immediate and long-term impact.