Morgan Awards

In honour and memory of the late Susan Morgan, and presented by the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research, this award recognizes the personal achievement of a dietetic intern or practicum student for a research project. There is one award available for each of the six DC Regions. The National Morgan Medal winner is announced at the DC Conference and receives a cash prize.

2019 Morgan Award Winners

Heather Bray - Atlantic
Heather Bray, currently a dietitian with Bridgeway Family Health Centre in Mississauga, was selected as a Morgan Award recipient from the Atlantic region because of her passion for public health and clinical dietetics, and for her excellent research project completed as part of her studies at Acadia University. Heather’s qualitative research, based on interviews with clinical dietitians, suggested that there is a gap between what is known about food insecurity and the application of food insecurity theoretical knowledge in dietetic practice and that there is a need for a standard practice in the assessment for food insecurity. 

Heather-Ann Burrell - Ontario
Heather-Ann Burrell, from the Ontario region, is currently pursuing a dietetic internship at St. Michael’s Hospital after having received a BSc in Human Nutrition from St. Francis Xavier University. Heather was chosen as the recipient of the 2019 Morgan Medal because of her excellent critical thinking skills, academic performance and her excellent research abilities. Her honours thesis project investigated the antihypertensive potential for Nova Scotian soldier bean peptides to inhibit angiotensin-1 converting enzyme. The preliminary findings from the study suggest that these soldier beans are potential candidates for a dietary source of antihypertensive activity.

Rhea Lewandoski - Manitoba/Saskatchewan
Rhea Lewandoski, currently a dietitian working at BridgePoint Center for Eating Disorders in Saskatoon, was chosen as a Morgan Award winter for the Manitoba and Saskatchewan region for her enthusiasm and leadership with data analysis in her research project. Rhea’s project, completed during her studies at the University of Saskatchewan, compared clinical markers of patients with new ileostomies prior to and post implementation of a pre-printed order (PPO) dedicated to improving post-surgical care. The PPO has potential to provide a more consistent approach to treating patients with a new ileostomy.

Timothy Lau - British Columbia
Timothy Lau, currently working as a clinical dietitian at the Vancouver General Hospital, was chosen from the British Columbia region for the Morgan Award because of his passion for the profession and for his leadership. Timothy worked collaboratively and professionally on his research project on food repurposing, a strategy to redistribute food that is no longer viable to the commercial sector and may otherwise go to waste. Understanding food repurposing practices helps guide policies to improve public health outcomes.

Chelsey Vastenhout - Alberta and Territories
Chelsey Vastenhout is completing an undergraduate degree that includes an integrated internship at the University of Alberta. Chelsey was chosen from the Alberta and the Territories region for a Morgan Award because of her enthusiasm and dedication for her research project on omega-3 fatty acid intake and breast cancer risk based on an analysis of data from a cohort of more than 250 women in the Alberta Tomorrow Project. Findings suggested that consuming higher amounts of eicosapentaenoic acid may lower the risk of breast cancer.