List of Morgan Award winners

In honour and memory of the late Susan Morgan, and presented by the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research, this award recognizes the personal achievement of a dietetic intern or practicum student for a research project. 

There is one award available for each of the six DC Regions. The National Morgan Medal winner is announced at the DC Conference and receives a cash prize.

2018 Morgan Award winners
  • Lisa Blundell - National medal winner
  • Florence Lavergne
  • Oribim Kingson
  • Maja Williams

2017 Morgan Award winners
  • Jillian Ingribelli 
  • Katherine Jefferson 
  • Alexandra Rogers
  • Heather Tufts National medal winner

2016 Morgan Award winners
  • Connie Jing Nan Yu - National medal winner
  • Emily How
  • Lauren Kennedy
  • Desiree Parras
  • Heather Woodward

2015 Morgan Award winners
  • Christine Adair
  • Valérie Dussault
  • Cindy Fajardo Gaviria - National medal winner
  • Katherine Ford
  • Maria Reesor

2014 Morgan Award winners 
  • Brandon Gheller - National medal winner
  • Xiaoming Jia
  • Tiffany Watson
  • Gia Jie Zheng