PEN® Achiever (Canada) Award

Becky Blair

Becky works as a Public Health Nutritionist, focusing on policy and program planning for the prenatal and child population. She has represented Dietitians of Canada on the Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants Joint Statement for 6-24 months and is currently the Liaison to the Nutrition and Gastroenterology Committee of the Canadian Paediatric Society. Becky is a collaborative critical thinker who encourages others to adopt an evidence-based approach in their work. She challenges existing dogma and enjoys bringing forward her evidence-informed stance on controversial health topics. Becky has ensured the alignment of PEN content with Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants Joint Statement and co-authored the prevention of food allergy in infants evidence clip, an interim communication about introducing peanuts to infants and a position statement on sports and energy drinks for the pediatric population.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario