Undergraduate and Graduate Awards 2018

2018 Undergraduate Student Award Recipients

Evan Duxbury

Award sponsored by Dietitians of Canada

Evan is excited to be pursuing a dietetic career, which will continue to develop his communication abilities and scientific knowledge using is educational background in business and biochemistry. As he prepares for his dietetics internship, he is looking forward to learning more about nutrition in the context of cancer patients and intensive care units. When he’s not sharing nutrition-related pictures on Instagram, you can find him snacking on something in the kitchen, on the soccer field, or while hiking the local mountains. Evan’s innovative mindset has helped create the Sport Nutrition Student role at the University of British Columbia, which will provide UBC dietetics students the chance to provide nutrition education to varsity athletes each year. The efforts stemming from this role have increased traffic to UBC’s sports nutrition page and broadened awareness of the dietetics program.

Region: British Columbia

Charles Ko

Award sponsored by SaskCanola

Charles has a passion for food, science, healthcare and business. Upon completing a degree in nutritional sciences and physiology, he was introduced to several dietitians that demonstrated the breath of the profession. He then enrolled into the dietetic program at Ryerson University, and he became the events director for the Nutrition Course Union. Charles has been able to enhance the student experience through his leadership to run events. Charles is interested in the areas of foodservice management and business. He believes that making healthier food choices, which taste great, are healthy and affordable will have a large impact on the health of Canadians. Nutrition information is constantly changing; therefore, it is vital to innovate the dietetic educations. He believes that understanding advancements in growing fields such as nutrition microbiology and nutrigenomics are keys to the dietetic profession to assist in developing new intervention for our current nutrition problems.

Region: Northwest and Central Ontario

2018 Graduate Student Award Recipients

Maira Quintanilha

Graduate Student Award sponsored by Dietitians of Canada

Maira worked as a Public Health Dietitian with Alberta Health Services before starting her PhD program in Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Alberta. The overall purpose of her PhD research is to explore vulnerable women’s perceptions and experiences of health during pregnancy and postpartum. She expects her research will inform programs and policies aimed at promoting maternal health among diverse groups of women. Maira is an engaged scholar and professional who strives to work collaboratively with communities to improve immigrant and refugee women’s access to safe, nutritious and culturally-appropriate foods. She embraced her role in being an agent of change who uses the advanced skills she acquired during her masters and now PhD to successfully work with policy makers or as one of them. She believes she has an important role in advocating for better incomes, affordable housing and childcare as well as social programs that address the root causes of poverty among immigrants and refugees in Canada.

Region: Alberta and the Territories