Judy Van Tilburg Memorial Bursary


2017 Recipients

Melissa Lam

Melissa Lam started her studies at the University of Toronto, graduating with a double major in cell and molecular biology and human biology. After taking several nutrition electives, Melissa developed a strong passion for the field and was inspired to pursue dietetics at Brescia University College. Melissa’s interest in nutrition further grew with her commitment to campus activities and volunteer work in her community. Currently, Melissa is a dietetic student at Ryerson University / St. Michael’s Hospital Collaborative Dietetics Program.
Region:  Northwest and Central Ontario

Kailee Van de Vegte

Kailee Van de Vegte is currently completing her Masters of Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph where she has sought opportunities for engagement and leadership both on campus and surrounding community. She continually seeks new opportunities to acquire experience within healthcare and related fields. Kailee is interested in client quality of life acquired through experiences in long term care and hospice during her undergraduate degree. This interest has extended across a variety of populations, and Kailee plans keep her eyes and mind open for further opportunities to continue exploring this area after completing her degree.
Region:  Northwest and Central Ontario