New login instructions for updated member profile

Troubleshooting Guide - This information is for DC members to log into the new member management system.

Part 1: Member Profile and logging into the DC website
Part 2: Accessing your networks and local action groups

Member Profile and logging in to the website

How do I log into the DC member website and my member profile?

Check your email for a message from on April 29th. It contains a link asking you to reset your password. Please click on the link provided. Your username is the email address to which the link was sent. You will be prompted to reset your password once you login. Once you have reset your password, you should have access to your member profile.

This is a good time to update your member profile, however you do not need complete the update in order to have access to the member only pages of the DC website.

Are you having challenges logging into the system? Here are some things you can do:
  1. On April 29, 2019 when we launched our new system, an email from was sent to you with a link to reset your password. This email is not SPAM. You can follow this link to begin the reset process.
  2. Haven’t received an email with a reset link? Try an old email address that you may have used when joining DC. Due to errors in the new system, some members received communications to old email addresses.
  3. Still no email with a reset link? Please send an email to with “Link Not Received” in the subject line and a new reset link will be sent to you as soon as possible.
What has changed with the launch of the new member information system?

You will notice a new look to your DC member profile, as well as a number of new questions and fields to be completed. Once you log in and go to your member profile you will see the tabs below. You can review and complete your profile, one tab at a time (see below)

Why have new questions been added to my profile? 
Some of these questions help assess your member fee type (for example, first year members, student members, retired members or the new part time member fee). Other questions and fields provide us with information that will help in understanding how Dietitians of Canada can bring more value to membership in the future and help you get the most from your DC membership.

Where is the sign up for Find a Dietitian? 

Important information:  The Find a Dietitian tool is currently unavailable due to issues with the upgrade of the member information system.  We are working diligently to resolve these issues.  Thank you for your patience. Use the information below when the system is back online.

You will notice that you now have three distinct profiles (Image A): 
  1. The DC member profile is used for the member directory and is only accessible by other DC members. Use this profile to showcase the information you would like to share with other DC members.  You have the ability to select what you would like to share or hide on this profile (Image B).
  2. The Find a Dietitian profile is a tool for DC members who provide services like private counselling, consulting, resource development, presentations and more.You have the ability to select what you would like to share or hide on this profile by clicking on the “Manage what appears on the public profile” link. The more details you provide about your areas of practice, services and location, the easier it will be for the public to find you and learn about what you can offer. 
  3. The Interview a Dietitian profile is a tool for DC members who would like to be contacted by the media (learn more about Interview a Dietitian here
Image A : Three types of profiles  

Image B: Select what to share and what to hide

A completed ” Find a Dietitian” would appear in a search as below:

How do I access my receipts or insurance information? 

You can view and access your receipts such as membership, insurance or other products you have purchased by clicking on My Orders and selecting the item. You can download the receipts or view your order. See below.  


What if I cannot see or find my receipts? 
If you cannot locate your receipts for any purchase, please send an email to with the subject line “Receipt Help”. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

How do I access online learning?  
Once you are logged in, under Learn, you will see Learning on Demand Webinars, Online Courses and My Library, where your purchases are stored. 
When you click on a previously purchased Learning on Demand webinar, that resource will be available for viewing immediately.  Find out more here
When you click on an online course, you will be taken to our online learning management tool at  To access this site you will need a username and password. 


What do I do if I cannot see my purchased learning or courses? 

If you cannot locate your purchased online courses, please email with the subject line “Online Learning Access”. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible. 

I heard that DC members now have access to PEN included in membership, how do I access PEN? 
New with DC membership is 50 free logins (credits) to the PEN System. 
To access PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition®, please click on the Learn tab,  you will find PEN in the drop down menu.  
You can also visit to begin exploring the PEN system. You can read about PEN membership for DC members here.

Accessing DC Member Community Pages (including Network and Local Action Group Communities)

How do I access my DC Member Community page?

You can access your Member Community page by clicking on the menu button in the secondary navigation bar or using the drop-down link under the Member tab in the primary navigation.

On your Member Community page, you will find information about your region and key association information.  You can also see the list of networks and Local Action Groups that you below to in the sidebar column at the bottom of the page.  

Clicking on the Network or Local Action Group of your choice will take you to that group’s website.

What if my Networks and Local Action Groups are not in the list? 

If you see incorrect, or missing Networks or Local Action Groups (LAGs), please send an email to contactus@dietitians.cawith the subject line “Find my Networks/ LAG’s”. We will do our best to get back to you and resolve this matter as soon as possible.