Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians


The Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians (formerly Association of Nephrology Dietitians) is a Network of Dietitians of Canada and consists of Registered Dietitians who provide renal nutrition therapy interventions and counselling in chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplant.

The Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians (CAND) network is open to all Dietitians of Canada members who are interested in renal nutrition. We have regional representatives from across Canada. Our major goals are education and networking. We are a dynamic team and always welcome new members. Our mission is to support Renal Dietitians in Canada in their provision of quality care to patients with renal disease.

Why become a member of CAND?

Members of the Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians receive many benefits including:

  • Access to up-to-date information in the members area of our website
  • Membership in a network of other Nephrology Dietitians across Canada
  • Access to the Essential Guide for Renal Dietitians and any new updates
  • Access to the Kidney Friendly Cooking cookbook
  • Access to our CAND educational grants to support professional development
  • Invitation and reduced fees to our Regional and National Conferences
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Be part of our online forum of questions, answers and comments from other members

The annual membership fee is $30 The annual student membership fee is $20


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