Member Fees  

Effective April 1, 2018 , the DC Board has frozen membership fees for a period of one year. The member fee will continue to be $476.00 for 12 months with the option to use our installment plan.

You may be eligible for a discounted membership fee if you met the conditions below:
First time member
- $214
If this is your first time joining as a member with non-student status.
Second year member - $357
You were a first-time member last year (with non-student status).
Full-time graduate student - $214
You are registered, or registration eligible, with a provincial regulatory body and are currently in a full-time graduate degree program on a full-time basis. You are also not employed full-time and have been a member of DC for at least one full year immediately prior to your renewal.
Retired - $167
You were formerly registered with a provincial dietetic regulatory body or member of DC, and you are either permanently retired from work and aged 55 years or over; or you are permanently retired from work and no longer able to work due to a medical condition
Parental Leave - $214
You were previously a member of DC and are currently not working, or are not working for the majority of the upcoming membership period, due to full time maternity/parental leave. You are not currently eligible for Student Status.
Student Status - $119
You are enrolled in a Canadian university in a four-year baccalaureate degree program, or graduate program in dietetics (foods and human nutrition), nutrition science or food science, or a dietetic internship or practicum program.