Food and Nutrition are an important aspect of cultural, social relationships, traditional ways as well as current ways of living for First Nations, Inuit and Métis in Canada. However, many Aboriginal communities face unique challenges around food. These include the impacts of a dietary transition from traditional foods to market foods, loss of traditional land bases, environmental factors and the legacy of policies like the Residential School System. Today, while many Aboriginal communities are reclaiming and restoring food based systems, they are experiencing higher rates of food insecurity and chronic diseases, like Diabetes than other Canadians. 

The Aboriginal Nutrition Network was established in 2001; it was created to:

  • network and share resources with communities;
  • be informed and participate in continuing education opportunities;
  • further develop dietetic training opportunities with a focus on Aboriginal nutrition;
  • be identified as a resource group  for government and others; and
  • raise awareness of Aboriginal Nutrition needs
Membership includes:
  • A monthly email digest featuring traditional recipes, practice blog posts and latest news
  • Ability to network and connect with other dietitians working in Aboriginal Nutrition through a dynamic website
  • Opportunities to get involved with project working groups (i.e Traditional Recipes Project)
  • Reduced registration rates at Aboriginal Nutrition Network National Gatherings

Contact:  aboriginal@dietitians-network.ca


  • NADA & ANN 2017-2018 Calendar

    (February 2017) The Aboriginal Nutrition Network (ANN) of Dietitians of Canada is proud to have joined with NADA (National Aboriginal Diabetic Association) to create this 2017/2018 Seasonal Food Guide Calendar called Your Health Matters.

  • Indigenous Recipes

    (October 2016) There are many ways to prepare traditional Indigenous foods. This series of twelve (12) Traditional Indigenous Recipes is contributed by the Aboriginal Nutrition Network (ANN) of Dietitians of Canada.

  • The Role of Dietitians in Aboriginal Communities

    (March 2014) Some facts about the nutritional issues of Aboriginal Peoples and describes the differences dietitians can make working collaboratively with communities.

  • Feeding Mind, Body and Spirit Position Paper

    (October 2012) Role paper of the DC Aboriginal Nutrition Network.

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