Nutrition and Food Security


The Dietitians of Canada Nutrition and Food Security Network was formed in 1990 in response to a growing interest in food security issues.  The purpose of the network is to provide leadership to DC in identifying and responding to key food security issues and to support DC members with common professional interests and/or areas of practice as established by the members of the Network and in accordance with DC’s mission and policies. 
The goals of the Network are as follows:

  1. Advocate for issues related to food security internally and externally to Dietitians of Canada

  2. Share information relating to nutrition and food security

  3. Provide a forum for networking for individuals interested in nutrition and food security

  4. Enhance dietitians’ awareness regarding the roles of dietitians in food security efforts.  

Over the years, the Network has focused on the many aspects of food security and informed members through the development of a DC position paper on food security, the facilitation of DC conference workshops, webinars and student bursary sponsorship.
Network members receive access to the NFSN TeamDeck website which includes a membership roster, forums, Coast to Coast sharing (C2C), files, resources and blogs. Network members are encouraged to contribute to TeamDeck to increase the networking opportunities with other NFSN dietitians.  


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