“Focused On Seniors and Those Who Care For Them”
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The Network prides itself on being the largest network in DC with over 500 members.  It is a very active group with two workshops per year, a busy online forum and monthly blog.  We also pride ourselves on truly being a “Network” as there is a constant sharing of knowledge, expertise and best practices happening at all times.   We are affiliated with both the Alberta and Ontario Long Term Actions Groups and support their efforts to establish best practices and lobby on behalf of the resident we care for.

The majority of the members work in Long Term Care Facilities or Assisted Living settings across Canada.  Some of the members practice in Continuing Care Hospitals.  The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM & R) practice group, an arm of the Gerontology Network that was started in December 2011, is focussed on dietitians working with the specialized nutritional needs of residents/clients/patients with neurological conditions and injuries.

The Gerontology Networks has a strong Executive from across the country that meets via teleconference at least 2 times per year to share what is happening in each province.   We provide leadership to students who are becoming dietitians and to new dietitians after graduation.  We sponsor at least one student per year to attend the Dietitians of Canada Conference as well as sponsor many research projects.  

What does the future hold for the Gerontology Network? Our population is aging and the needs of both our seniors and those who care for them are changing. Our goal at this time is to further support educational opportunities for the members in all the provinces. We have also established a focus to give more recognition to our members.   There are so many great dietitians out in the field working in LTC and Senior settings.  Often they work alone, with large workloads and sometimes thankless settings.  So in the fall 2014  we starting an “award” program where peers will be able to nominate one of their  colleagues who they feel should be recognized for  excellence in LTC leadership involving people, programs, projects, teams and/or  events.  This can be clinically or food service focused. One award will be given annually per province and recognition will be put in the LINK as well.  We expect this to be well received.

Why should you “hook up” with the Gerontology Network?   Join with us because membership in the Gerontology Network gives you an excellent opportunity for professional enhancement through networking, sharing best practices/clinical experiences and exchanging information and ideas.   We tell our members that “This Network is Your Network”.   We hope you will consider joining us someday soon.

Gerontology Network Chair: Carol Donovan RD


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