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The Home Care Network is where you can connect with other dietitians who work with clients/patients in the home care setting. The network is presently undergoing a “facelift” and is still a work in progress. We are also looking for a new executive team to lead the way!

The Home Care Network is striving to make this network the “go-to” resource for all Canadian homecare registered dietitians. A place where valuable work resources can be downloaded, work issues discussed, project ideas shared and commented on, and new connections/friendships made.

We encourage all members to share useful work resources, challenges they encounter in the homecare setting and potential solutions, inter-professional communication issues they may be struggling with, or environmental and community topics important to you. Let’s make this the best network for us!
Benefits of Membership:

  • Access to other professionals in your field across Canada.
  • Access to downloadable resources (we are always updating and would like to offer resources by province).
  • As we develop the network, we will update the information in this section.

Contact:  homecare@dietitians-network.ca

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