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I have questions about health and nutrition

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  • Where can I find information and resources for Nutrition Month?

    Nutrition Month has been planned and delivered by Dietitians of Canada each March for more than 30 years. The goal of the campaign is to provide information and guidance to make it a little easier for Canadians to choose, eat and enjoy healthy food. Dietitians of Canada members across the country are involved in promoting the campaign and hosting events in their communities.

    Every year we choose a campaign theme based on the needs of Canadians, with input from our members. For example, the theme for Nutrition Month 2015 was “Eating Well from 9 to 5" and focused on eating habits during the workday. In 2016, the theme was “Take a 100 meal journey: Make small changes, one meal at a time”.

    More information and resources – including handouts, tips, activities, and recipes – can be found at

  • Where do I find information about iron, fibre, infant nutrition, etc.?

    Dietitians of Canada offers nutrition information to the public under the tab “Your Health.” Planning your meals, shopping for your ingredients, and healthy cooking are an integral part of this advice.

    You will find information on specific topics under Your Health > Nutrition A-Z, including food sources for common vitamins and minerals (e.g.iron), sports nutrition, and healthy eating for all ages.

  • I'm looking for personalized nutrition advice.

    Some provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario) offer call centres where you can speak with a dietitian (RD or PDt) at no charge. Registered Dietitians are there to provide answers to your nutrition and healthy-eating questions, Note: this service does not replace advice from your medical doctor or individual counselling with a Registered Dietitian. You can find the call centre phone number for your province at

    To find a Registered Dietitian near you for private consultation (fee based), visit Many employee health insurance plans offer coverage for dietitian services. Ask your health insurance provider. For more information visit

    You can also talk to your family physician about seeing a dietitian for your specific concern. Some communities have dietitians available as part of primary health care, community health or family health teams. 

  • Contact Customer Service.

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