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  • What is Dietitians of Canada and what does it do?

    Dietitians of Canada (DC) is the professional association for dietitians, representing 6,000 members at the local, provincial and national levels. We have regional offices in British Columbia, Alberta and the Territories, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Contact your regional executive director.

    Dietitians of Canada works with members to raise the profile of the profession, support their practice, and create new opportunities for growth, learning and development. Learn more about being a member of Dietitians of Canada.

    Dietitians of Canada (DC) is the voice of the profession, an advocate and a trusted source of information about the profession to help Canadians become and stay healthier through healthy eating. Learn more by reading our Corporate Profile.

  • I’m looking for a dietitian to come speak at my event. How do I find one?

    Dietitians of Canada does not provide a speaker service, however, we do maintain a database of 700+ consulting dietitians called Find a Dietitian. Use the search feature to locate a dietitian near you, who may be available to present to your group or participate in your event, typically for a fee, depending on his/her practice. Please visit

  • My clinic needs to refer a patient. How do I proceed?

    You can use our Find a Dietitian database to locate a dietitian working in private practice in your area. Many employee health insurance plans offer coverage for dietitian services. Please visit

    Note: Some communities have dietitians available as part of primary health care, community health or family health teams. Additionally, some provinces have dietitian contact centres where members of the public can speak with dietitians free of charge by phone or email. The service does not replace advice from a medical doctor or individual counselling with a Registered Dietitian. Learn more:

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