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Secretariat Partners

DC is pleased to be an active partner in supporting research, training and a community of dietitians in Canada and around the world. For the three organizations below, DC has been an active founding member and provides support to work collaboratively to achieve our goals and broaden our impact.

International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA)

The ICDA is made up of 52 National Dietetic Associations, representing over 200 000 dietetics professionals around the world.  Its role includes developing international standards, enhancing the image and raising awareness of the profession, and supporting collaboration and dialogue between global members.

Every four years, the International Congress of Dietetics (ICD) is held to share knowledge and connect with colleagues from around the world. DC is proud to announce that Toronto, ON will be the host of the ICD in 2024. 

Note: The 2020 Congress (ICD2020) to be held in South Africa has been postponed to September 2021. More information coming soon.

Visit the ICDA website

Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research

Dietitians of Canada established the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research(CFDR) in 1991 to provide grants for practice research by dietitians. These grants are awarded from a research fund made possible by donations received from DC, other corporations, dietitians and other stakeholders who are committed to advancing nutrition and dietetic research.

Visit the CFDR website

Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP)

Dietitians of Canada is one of three partners in this group, which includes the Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies (which represents 10 dietetic regulatory bodies) and dietetic educators representing about 40 Canadian academic institutions and practicum programs. PDEP works in those areas where the goals and achievements of the professional association, regulatory bodies, and educators depend on each other’s work. Together they collaborate to advance excellence in dietetic education and practice.

Visit the PDEP website

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