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Honourary Patron Award 

The Board of Directors is honoured to announce Dr. David Jenkins as the 2019 Honourary Patron Award.  This award is bestowed on an individual who is not a dietitian, but has advanced the dietetics profession through their work. 

Dr. Jenkins has contributed significantly to the dietetic profession through his research and innovative work in nutrition and therapeutic diets. He conceptualized and examined the glycemic index of foods and combining cholesterol-lowering food components (dietary portfolio) as an effective alternative to drug therapy, informing dietary guidelines. He currently leads and mentors his team of dietitians and researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto. As a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Nutrition and Metabolism and appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada, his body of work has a positive influence in the field of nutrition. In the nomination letter, Dr. Jenkins is described as a life-long nutrition communicator, through scientific publications, media impressions, and working with the food industry to bring his research findings from the clinic to the grocery store shelves by developing the President’s Choice Blue Menu line in collaboration with dietitians at Loblaw’s.

Previous Award Winners

Dr. Karen Skinner, Mike Hill, Jack MacDonald, Paul Pencharz and Stan Zlotkin were previously awarded Honourary Life Membership status. In 2013, the Honourary Life Membership recognition was changed to Honourary Patron. 

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