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Ryley-Jeffs Memorial Award

The Board of Directors is honoured to announce Dr. Laurie Wadsworth as the 2019 Ryley-Jeffs Memorial Award recipient.

Dr. Laurie Wadsworth’s career has focused on nutrition and health policy development in public health and academia. She investigates mass media messages to understand the roles of food in society and studies the historical roots of dietetics. She has worked collaboratively to effect change in public policy for improved nutrient profiles in the national food supply as a member of the Trans Fat Task Force and with Heart and Stroke Canada. Dr. Wadsworth also mentors dietetic students in policy development and research to build capacity for a strong future profession. She is a Fellow of Dietitians of Canada and served as Chair of the DC Board of Directors. Dr. Wadsworth has certainly made a dynamic impact on individual dietitians and the profession and is very deserving of the prestigious Ryley-Jeffs Memorial Lecture Award for 2019.  

A version of Laurie's lecture will be available in the Fall issue of the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research.
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