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PEN® Achiever Award 2020


This award recognizes members who demonstrate leadership in evidence-based practice through significant or ongoing contributions to the PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition® system. The 2020 recipient is Dr. Paula Brauer.

Dr. Paula Brauer was chosen to participate in the development and review of the numerous PEN® pathways, questions and background documents as an internationally recognized expert and researcher in cardiometabolic disease, obesity and the dietitian’s role in primary care. Given her breadth of knowledge in these topics as well as in evidence syntheses and appraisal, she is an ideal candidate to interpret evidence and translate recommendations for practitioners. Notably, she has co-authored many scientific and review papers, served as a lead developing obesity guidelines with the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care, and has been part of a dietitian advocacy group focused on primary health care. 

Dr. Brauer is recognized with a PEN® Achiever (Canada) Award for her important contributions of PEN content, and robust and relevant feedback on a number of practice questions and her expertise in team-based obesity services in primary care settings leading to enhanced rigour and relevance of the PEN content on dietitians in primary care, and on weight cycling and weight stigma. 

Hear more about Dr. Paula Brauer from Dawna Royall

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