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The Practice Blog is for dietitians and by dietitians!  Our members from across the country share their diverse experiences. 

What the Practice Blog can do for you:

  • Help you create connections through shared experiences and storytelling.
  • Engage you in issues that impact your practice.
  • Encourage participation from other dietitians because of your comments and through social media sharing.
  • Inspire you and increase your profile by promoting the diversity of our profession’s roles, responsibilities and experiences.
The Practice Blog is a reflection of you – your stories and your practice experiences. Check out the Writing Guidelines  for ideas on the type of content that you can share.  Have questions or would like to share a story? Contact

Disclaimer: The opinions of the bloggers are their own. Dietitians of Canada encourages submissions and provides publishing support but does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Please contact the writer directly for concerns or questions about the content.
Sustainable Food Systems: an Opportunity to Grow Dec 08, 2017 Author: Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD Learn about the Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team and how to get involved. Building our Future: One Cooking Camp at a Time Nov 16, 2017 Author: Cristel Moubarak Hackenbruch How one dietitian supports dietetics skill development through cooking camps. My Experience with a Non-Traditional Internship Program Nov 01, 2017 Author: Hannah Magee A new grad shares her story and what to think about if you are exploring new internship programs. Do You Know How to Choose & Recommend a Safe and Quality Supplement? Oct 03, 2017 Author: Jorie Janzen As a sports dietitian, athletes continuously ask me about supplements. Which ones are safe? What brands are best? What will keep me healthy? What will allow me to excel? Years ago I would have said, “Just choose a well-known brand”, or “Just buy what is on sale”, or “All supplements are pretty much the same”! And, of course, I have even suggested that, “If you eat a balanced diet, you won’t need supplements”. Critical Creative Thinking: the Difference Between Surviving and Thriving for Dietetics May 31, 2017 Author: Gurneet Dhami and Jennifer Brady It is likely that most of us appreciate the importance of critical thinking to our practice, but have you thought about how critical thinking applies to your practice or about the importance of creativity? Researchers who study critical thinking have increasingly recognized the important relationship between critical and creative thinking, and have developed the term “critical creative thinking” to acknowledge their mutual importance and interdependence. 5 Reasons why my restaurant training is essential to my dietetic practice Apr 06, 2017 Author: Renée Chan I moved to New York City to pursue a clinical nutrition degree and eventually become a dietitian, but, ultimately, the restaurants are what rooted me there for over six years. They made all the winters worth it because being inside these magical institutions shaped who I am today. Engage, innovate & collaborate: Key ingredients to healthier food in recreational facilities Mar 09, 2017 Author: Ashley Hughes Throughout the summer and fall of last year, I was immersed in a novel project that has opened my eyes to the important role dietitians can play as advocates for policy change. We can help shape supportive food environments in our communities – and provide the next generation with a greater opportunity for health through food and nutrition. How to achieve interview success & become a media spokesperson Feb 09, 2017 Author: Gina Sunderland About sixteen years ago, while establishing a private practice in Winnipeg, I was asked to do a live segment for Breakfast Television about healthy lunches for kids. Without hesitation, I said yes! I knew this was a great opportunity, but I admit, I was a little scared. For those with TV experience, I’m sure you all remember that first nerve-wracking interview! Call to Action: Dietitians need to help guide effective nutritional supplementation Jan 12, 2017 Author: Laura Kalina and Kim Arrey Consumers are looking for reliable information on supplements. In the quest for better health, sport performance gains, or simply relief when living with chronic or terminal conditions, consumers are willing to invest in supplements – in addition to adopting a healthy diet. In the past, most dietitians have been hesitant to promote supplements – instead, emphasizing investment in good foods and healthy eating patterns. There is now a growing body of dietitians who have honed their expertise in this area and are calling on others to do the same. A unique partnership brought healthy food to downtown Toronto Dec 08, 2016 Author: Anneke Hobson In July 2016, I spent a sweaty noon-hour outside Toronto General Hospital convincing passers-by to purchase guavas and other produce from a repurposed wheel-trans bus.
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