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DC has put together resources and tools to support dietitians during the COVID-19 pandemic:

In addition, Learning on Demand has many sessions that are available for free. You can find them by typing "free" in the search bar on the Learning on Demand website.  If programs want to organize group access to online courses, they can send an email to to ask about available discounts.  

To stay up to date on what DC is doing related to COVID-19, make sure you are subscribed to the Your Weekly Update newsletter (both members and no-members can subscribe).

Ontario members are keen to advocate for dietitians and to network with each other. Our Ontario local actions groups are connecting DC members and external stakeholders to ensure that our influence continues to runs deep now and in the future.  While some of these activities are on pause right now, here's some of what we had planned for this year:

Plans for 2020: The engagement and participation of Ontario members is always welcome.  Please get in touch with me if you'd like to find out how to get involved in regional activities. See all the news from across Canada See all cross-Canada webinars and local events
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