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Consulting Dietitians Network 2022 Fee Guidelines

These are the most up-to-date fee guidelines for dietitians in private practice and consulting. Revised in April 2022 and brought to you by the Consulting Dietitians Network, these guidelines will help you make decisions about the rates you charge for different services. Specifically, the intent of the guidelines is to:

  1. Provide a profile of dietitians who operate their own businesses in Canada;
  2. Expand and update the fee guidelines from the 2019 version;
  3. Determine, on average, what entrepreneurial dietitians in Canada charge for individual counselling (initial and follow-up) and presentations on an hourly basis;
  4. Value our profession as dietitians, the nutrition experts.

This resource (value $45 or the price of Network membership) is only available for Consulting Dietitians Network members. 

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