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Ontario 2020 Pre-budget recommendations

On behalf of members, DC submitted pre-budget recommendations to the Ontario government. Recommendations are designed to promote the value of the profession and to align with the government priorities. For the Ontario 2020 budget, our recommendations included:
  • Ensuring dietitian services are embedded in the development of the provincial framework for mental health and addictions.
  • Improving outcomes in long term care homes through nutrition care, specifically:
    • Ensure dietitians have adequate time to effectively assess and treat nutrition problems by amending Ontario Reg. 79/10 s. 74(2) to 45 minutes per resident per month.
    • Maintain the Raw Food Cost funding envelope and increase in line with Consumer Price Index.
  • Investing in continued support for health providers’ professional development through the Allied Health Professional Development Fund (AHPDF).
Read the full submission here
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