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Here is the list of action groups in the Atlantic region.  New members are always welcome. Please contact Member Services if you would like to learn more about these groups.


New Brunswick Dietitians in Action/ Diététistes en action Nouveau-Brunswick (NBDiA)  

This group provides an opportunity for New Brunswick members to advocate locally on key nutrition issues and profile the role of dietitians.  Together, they share their successes, and motivate and inspire each other. 

All DC members in New Brunwick (both English and French speaking) are invited to be members. Though NBDiA functions primary as an English speaking group, the agenda is bilingual and the group makes every effort to ensure resources and documents are available in both languages.  

Members of this group can also volunteer to be a New Brunswick Nutrition Month representative, sit as the DC representative on the Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition of New Brunswick and work closely with the Registrar of the New Brunswick Association of Dietitians. 

Recent Accomplishments:
  • Contributed to the DC Pre-budget Recommendations sent to the NB government
  • Participated in pre-election advocacy during the Fall 2018 New Brunswick election campaign (food insecurity, healthy food environments, dial-a-dietitian service, dieitians in primary health care).
  • Communicated to the New Brunswick Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development on the importance of dietitian expertise and evidence regarding school food Policy 711 (Promoting Healthier School Food Environments).
  • Survey to gather feedback from all dietitians in NB about what is important to them so that NBDiA activities offer value.
  • Hosted networking and education events aimed at issues relevant to New Brunswick dietitians in 2018 and 2019.
Contact: Stéphanie Ward (Chair)

Nova Scotia Dietitians' Continuing Care Action Group (NSDCC action group) 

This group advocates for and supports each other around nutrition and food related issues, interests and/or concerns related to continuing care.
All DC members who work or are interested in continuing care are invited to join. The group consists of representatives from the Gerontology and Dysphagia Networks, Nova Scotia university programs, long-term care facilities in the Nova Scotia Health Authority and students and new professionals. 

Recent Accomplishments:
  • Contributed to the DC Pre-budget Recommendations sent to the Nova Scotia Government
  • Advised Nova Scotia Government on the crucial role of nutrition and dietitians to wound care prevention and management.
  • Advocated to the Nova Scotia Government and the Expert Advisory Panel on Long Term Care across Nova Scotia to ensure the important role of dietitians in continuing care was considered.
  • Supported each other regarding IDDSI implementation.
  • Hold annual workshops on topics of interest such as IDDSI and Subjective Global Assessment and Malnutrition.
Contact: Sandi Berwick and Michele Keeling (Co-Chairs) 

Nova Scotia Dietitians for Health Insurance Coverage (NSDHIC)  

This group advocates for increased coverage for dietitian services for Nova Scotians through employer health insurance plans, and promotes the role of dietitians working in private practice and consulting roles.  All New Brunswick members interested in this issue are invited to join. 

Recent Accomplishments:
  • Letters and resources outlining the benefits of dietitian coverage on employee benefit plans sent to top employers in Nova Scotia.
  • A Twitter campaign targeted at Nova Scotians asking them to check their Employee Health Benefits for dietitian coverage.
  • Support for a MSVU Applied Human Nutrition student workgroup to advocate to their Student Union to add dietitian services to the student benefit plan.
  • Involvement with the DC national initiative on increasing dietitian access on Employee Health Benefit plans.
Contact: The Chair position is currently vacant. 

Prince Edward Island Dietitian Action Group (PEIDAG) 

The group provides a collective voice for PEI members to advocate on key nutrition issues and increase the awareness of the role of dietitians.  The members support each other around nutrition related issues, interests and/or concerns, while sharing successes to motivate and inspire each other. All PEI members are welcome to join.

Recent accomplishments:

  • Contributed to DC's Pre-budget Recommendations sent to the PEI government.
  • Participated in pre-election advocacy during Spring of 2019 on issues such as increased dietitian time for LTC and additional dietitian home care services.
  • Meeting with PEI Government during Nutrition Month.
  • Hosted Networking and education events aimed at issues relevant to PEI dieitians in 2018 and 2019.

Contact: Jennifer Taylor (Chair)

Dietitians of Newfoundland and Labrador Action Group (DNL) 

The group provides a forum for Newfoundland and Labrador members to identify, prioritize and action issues for provincial advocacy, including nationally coordinated strategies. Members collaborate and coordinate advocacy efforts with other professional organizations and grassroots community groups.  Participating includes the opportunity to network and share with each other to support the Nutrition Month and Dietitians Day campaigns and promote the role and profile of dietitians.  All members are welcome. 

Recent accomplishments:

  • Contributed to the DC Pre-budget Recommendations sent to the NL government.

  • Supported launch and promotion of Dial-a-Dietitian NL.

  • Contributed to NL Municipalities Legislation Review in 2018.

  • Advocated to NL Minster of Health and Wellness about the Canadian Community Health Survey Food Security Module.

  • Participated in pre-election advocacy during the 2019 NL provincial Election.

  • Hosted Hot Topics for Dietitian networking and learning session.

  • Met with NL Department of Children Seniors and Social Development and Department of Health and Community Services.

Contact: Lisa Dooley (Chair)


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