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Here is the list of action groups in Ontario.  New members are always welcome. Please contact Member Services if you would like to learn more about these groups.

Dietetic Education Leadership Forum of Ontario 

The Dietetic Education Leadership Forum of Ontario (DELFO) is made up of DC members who represent accredited dietetic education and training programs, and members of the Internationally Educated Professionals in Nutrition (IEPN).  This group collaborates with stakeholders to expand access to experiential learning opportunities for entry into dietetics.  Their goals are to:
  • Provide a forum for information sharing, networking and mentoring of DELFO members to enable leadership for dietetic education.
  • Connect members and external stakeholders in advocacy efforts and to share ideas that promote the professional development of future dietitians and potential members.
  • Plan and advocate for the educational needs and activities of dietetic students and preceptors.
  • Create efficiencies at the undergraduate and post graduate practicum level to support experiential learning.
Recent activities:
  1. Preceptor Capacity project – hired a consultant to work on capacity planning to support student placements.
  2. New Grad survey – provided funding and expertise to the Ontario and Saskatchewan new grad survey that will look at the experience of recent dietetic graduates.
  3. Advancing practicum coordinator title -  An ongoing examination of the term intern and internship due to the negative connotation with unpaid internships in Ontario.
Leadership Team: Lesley Macaskill and Denise Raftis, co-chairs

Ontario Long Term Care Action Group  

The Ontario Long Term Care Action group advocates and provides support for dietitians working in long term care to ensure optimal nutrition care for residents in Long Term Care and Retirement homes. More specifically, members of this group:
  • Liase with MOH and MOLTC and RHRA. 
  • Share information through many means including presentations and writing articles. 
  • Monitor and investigate the need for increased raw food funding and staff time for RDs, NM, FSWs and Cooks, and PSWs. 
  • Advocate on the role of the dietitian and food and nutrition issues in long term care.
  • Liaise with other groups in Ontario and across Canada that have mutually shared interests and concerns. 
Recent accomplishments:

For you to read: Ontario LTC Time Survey Report

Leadership Team: Sharon Armstrong and Alicia Marshall, co-chairs
(Note: This is a closed group and applications are made available when there is an opening.)

Community Health Centre Dietitian Action group 

The Community Health Centre (CHC) Dietitians action group exists to increase the capacity of community dietitians through networking, advocacy, and education or training opportunities.  This group is open to dietitians working in community health centres and meets four times a year.

Actions and activities:
  • Host guest speakers who present on a variety of topics, including:
    • Eating disorders
    • Digestive Health and Irritable Bowel Syndrome                
    • LGBTQ2S+ Health
    • Food security and community food programs
    • Food literacy
  • Liaise and work with the GTA Community Health Centre Food Security Group
  • Facilitate discussions on professional practice and case studies

Leadership Team: Phoebe Lee and Katie Brunke, co-chairs

Nutrition Misinformation Action Group 

The Ontario Nutrition Misinformation Action Group exists to:
  • Provide an opportunity for joint action to increase coverage of dietitian services under employee health benefits (primary purpose).
  • Provide an opportunity for information sharing, networking and mentoring in the context of advocacy to address nutrition misinformation (secondary purpose).
This group is open to all members in Ontario, especially if you have a strong interest  in employee health benefits.  The group meets four times a year and also spends additional time writing letters and developing action plans.

Actions and activities:
In response to the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association cancellation of dietitian services under their employee health benefits, the action group wrote a letter to the Ontario Teacher's Insurance Plan.

Leadership Team: Amy Skeoch, Chair (Read why dietitian coverage is so important to Amy.)

Clinical Nutrition Leaders Action group 

The Clinical Nutrition Leadership Action Group (CNLAG) exists to:
  • Mentor and empower clinical nutrition leaders
  • Provide a forum for information sharing, networking and mentoring
  • Develop actions including recommendations, reports and advocacy initiatives to advance clinical dietetic practice
To be a member of this action group, you need to be a Professional Practice Leader (PPL) or in a nutrition management position in an Ontario hospital. The group meets three times a year with additional time spent in workshops or working groups.

Actions and activities: Leadership Team: Tina Stewart and Melissa Jaeger, co-chairs
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