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Nutrition Month 2023


Dietitians work across all areas of food and nutrition, on the front line and in leadership roles to address the nutritional needs and challenges of the many varied and unique communities they serve. During March, Nutrition Month 2023, dietitians will be planning events and showing Canadians how to… 

Unlock the Potential of Food:
Find a Dietitian 

This year’s theme was informed by DC’s 2020-24 strategic plan and current advocacy work for health insurance coverage, as well as the best performing activities of past campaigns.

Download the Planning Guide

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For Nutrition Month 2023, dietitians will be encouraged to plan events and communications which address the informational needs of the various patients, clients and communities they serve and showcase how finding a dietitian can help Canadians unlock the potential of food. -- the award winning, bilingual public website, is continuously updated and now has more than 345 articles and millions of pageviews each year. This website is a place to help Canadians get a taste of how a dietitian can help them with their food and nutrition challenges as well as how and where to find a dietitian.

Help Canadians find a dietitian and unlock the potential of food....spread the word and start by asking  "Are dietitians covered in your employee benefits plan?"

The campaign resources you can expect from DC this year are: 

  • A four page Campaign planning guide to help you tailor your activities, including tips on how you can engage your local media
  • Social Media Toolkit, for sharing campaign messages on your social media platforms
  • A list of curated content on, based on the current trends in food and nutrition
  • New recipes added to, adding to the hundreds of recipes that are already in the database (check it out!) 

Excited to get started and looking for inspiration? DC’s member authored Practice Blog features many fresh ideas and advice from DC members over the past few years. Think about sharing your Nutrition Month 2023 story with us and how you helped unlock the potential of food.

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The 2023 Nutrition Month Sponsorship Opportunities are available now.

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