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Dietitians Help Shape a Food Policy for Canada

The Food Policy for Canada was launched in June 2019 by the federal government. The Food Policy for Canada is made up of interrelated policies that shape Canada’s food system and impact food access and availability. Some of the elements that make up the Food Policy for Canada are strengthening local food infrastructure, tackling food fraud, reducing food waste and supporting northern communities.

Why is food policy important to dietitians?

As dietitians, food and nutrition policies have a great impact on the work we do. Dietitians understand that a coordinated policy approach can improve Canadians’ food and nutriiton knowledge, encourage producers to make healthier foods, and empower consumers to choose healthier foods that can sustain the environment and support our economy.

Food policy advocacy by dietitians and Dietitians of Canada

There are a number of ways that DC members and staff have supported and advocated for the development of a national food policy.
DC and member volunteers were involved in consultations to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada that led to the launch of the Food Policy for Canada.  
DC was part of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Food Governance, who’s work led to the creation of The Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council. DC provided letters of support to members that wanted to be part of this committee and bring their expertise as dietitians to the food system.

What can you do to learn more or get involved

DC will inform members of opportunities to respond to consultations individually and/or shape DC’s responses. For more information on how to get involved, contact

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