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Dietitians Support Sustainable Food Systems


What do sustainable food systems in Canada look like?

  • They steward and enhance ecosystems, and respect the needs of other species in those ecosystems.
  • Are sovereign and self-sufficient while supporting other nations’ food sovereignty
  • They support food literacy.
  • They support equitable and just access to food for all Canadians in a way that is empowering, inclusive, dignifying and respectful.
  • They support a healthy relationship with food, such that Canadians value food, its origin and quality, and express identity and culture through foods.
Within this vision, dietitians can take an active role in food system advocacy, education and governance, as both leaders and collaborators, guided by current evidence on food in a sustainable society.

Read the new role paper - The Role of Dietitians in Sustainable Food Systems & Sustainable Diets  

Why are sustainable food systems important to dietitians?

The way food is produced, distributed and eaten forms an important link between health and social and environmental systems.  As leaders in food and nutrition, dietitians help shape household and institutional food choices. When sustainability is a part of all dietitians’ practice, it can make a lasting impact. 

Advocacy by dietitians and Dietitians of Canada to advance sustainable food systems

Recent actions:

What can you do to learn more or get involved in sustainable food system advocacy?

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