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Government and Stakeholder Engagement

Dietitians of Canada brings the voice of the profession to government decision-makers at the provincial/territorial and federal level. 
We advocate for policies that increase access to dietitian services, to empower Canadians to choose healthier foods, and to support sustainable food systems. 

Why does DC engage with government?

To influence public policy through highlighting dietitians’ roles and value, and providing evidence-based advice on policy and programs. 
What does government engagement look like?
  • Awareness-raising through relationship-building with elected officials and civil servants
  • Hosting events at legislature
  • Participating in coalitions and networks
  • Recommending budget priorities
  • Advocating during election periods
  • Participating in committee consultations
  • Developing tools for members to use with local elected officials and decision-makers 
Government relations at DC is non-partisan (not favouring any particular political party) and collaborative. 

Why does DC provide budget recommendations to government?

Pre-budget consultations are an important opportunity to advocate for policy priorities.  These written submissions, sometimes accompanied by in-person presentations, raise government awareness of the value of nutrition and dietitian services.  By focusing on a small number of priorities that align with government mandates, there is a greater chance of successful advocacy.

Why does DC engage with stakeholders?

To collaborate on policy solutions to food and nutrition issues and bring a stronger unified voice to government engagement. Stakeholders include other professional associations, non-government organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups.

Get involved and learn more about government engagement

Influence and Impact: A toolkit for dietitians

DC's advocacy toolkit (free for members) is a resource that you can use to become more involved in government advocacy.  It is a collaborative learning space where you can learn with and from other dietitians that are using their skills to influence change and make an impact in their workplaces, their communities, and beyond.  Get started here.

Key contacts for government and stakeholder engagement

  • Contact Lisa McKellar for general information on DC government relations and advocacy across the organization.
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