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Dietetic Practice

Title: Integrated competencies for dietetic education and practice
Description: Dietetic practice competencies, specifically 1.02c, 1.05e, 2.03, 4.08b
Year: 2020 (Version 3.0)
Format: 38 pages
Presented by: Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice

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Title: The dark history of Canada's Food Guide: How experiments on Indigenous children shaped nutrition policy
Description: How experiments on Indigenous children shaped nutrition policy
Year: 2021
Format: News articles
Presented by: CBC radio 

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Title: Out of the Darkness and into the Light
Description: Learn about how government policies created conditions of malnutrition in Indigenous Peoples, and how Indigenous Peoples - including children - continue to be affected disproportionately by malnutrition and diet-related health problems. 
Year: 2021
Format: 120 minute webinar
Presented by: The Canadian Nutrition Society, with speakers Dr. Treena Wasonti:io and Dr. Ian Mosby 

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Title: Cultural Safety and Humility - Statement by the College of Dietitians of British Columbia
Description: CDBC's commitment statement
Year: N/A
Format: Webpage
Presented by: College of Dietitians of British Columbia

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Title: Based on what you heard today, what action(s) are you able to take in your practice, and how? 
Description: Mentimeter feedback collected from attendees during the “Opportunities for Decolonization within dietetic education and practice” DC Conference 2022 session
Year: 2022
Format: Mentimeter - Member feedback
Presented by: Laura Dias and Dr. Sandra Juutilainen

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