Career Stories - Alicia Garcia

Alicia Garcia PhD, RD
Leader in Dietetic Education

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Dr. Alicia Garcia's work exemplifies DC's Vision 2020. Her ground-breaking success in expanding the Foods and Nutrition programs offered at Brescia University College/UWO, and creating most needed masters programs in foods and nutrition will have a positive impact on the field of dietetics. The MScFN (Internship Stream) allows students to meet the requirements to become registered dietitians, while the MScFN (Thesis Stream) is designed for dietitians who will build their research and leadership/managerial roles.

As Division Chair, she has been at the forefront of achieving numerous program changes and proposals in just two years such as creating a modular program with new Minors in FN for Kinesiology, Business and Health Sciences students. Never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Garcia is always thinking to the future and is currently exploring new food science and food service management specialties.

As faculty adviser of the student branch of Canadian Association for Food Service Professionals, Alicia Garcia has encouraged students to develop their leadership skills. Brescia has been rewarded with multiple national CAFP awards for outstanding education and student development initiatives.

Dr. Garcia has maintained a friendly, positive, professional attitude even in the face of most trying circumstances. She is passionate about dietetics, an outspoken visionary and has an engaging sense of humour.

Dr. Garcia is glad to have chosen a career in dietetics. She has been enriched by her role in the advancement of scholarship in foods and nutrition while increasing the scope and visibility of dietitians in leadership.