Career Stories - Carole Chatalalsingh

Carole Chatalalsingh MA, RD
Leader in Dietetic Research

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Carole Chatalalsingh, MA, RD is a PhD candidate at the department of Adult Education and Community Development, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto.
In 2004, she was the first dietitian recipient to be admitted into the Master's fellowship at the Wilson Centre for Research in Education. The most rewarding aspect of her job as a dietitian is to advance health care education and practice through research. Today, Carole is in her third year for her PhD fellowship at the Wilson Centre. Her research interests involve the exploration and understanding of the nature of the inter-professional team, learning leadership as a form of everyday work within the context of a large academic healthcare organization. As a dietitian leader in support of the professional development and continuing education of diverse health professionals and especially dietitians, Carole has focused on creating, developing, facilitating and coordinating several inter-professional practice workshops to promote quality, collaborative patient care.
Carole's 15-year diverse, self-directed and rewarding career path involved working in various positions as practice leader, internship coordinator, adult educator, train the trainer, body composition and researcher, clinical nephrology and most recently transplant dietitian. She has also volunteered with Dietitians of Canada, again in a self-renewing venture.
Carole combines an interest in education, teaching, workplace learning and change, and her passion for nutritional care in her day-to-day practice.