Career Stories - Claudia Prusak

Claudia Prusak RD
Leader in Food Service Administration

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Like many dietitians, Claudia began her career as a clinical dietitian working in inpatient and outpatient areas. She later worked in foodservice management in a large acute care hospital as well as in a long term care setting. In the midst of a transition to contracted foodservices within her health region, she seized the opportunity to work in a new role as Regional Manager for Quality & Customer Service for Food Services. With her extensive foodservice operational and management experience, and skills gained as a clinical dietitian, she has proven to be a valuable asset in this role.
Claudia feels that the most rewarding aspect about her job as a dietitian is the opportunity it has brought for collaboration with dietitians, senior leadership, and contracted foodservices organizations. These collaborations have led to increased organizational support for regional and provincial foodservices initiatives and recognition of the dietitian's role in these initiatives. She also finds satisfaction in gaining a broader knowledge about organizations and working with people with other perspectives.
Four years after moving into her new role, she is now blazing a trail as the Director for Quality Improvement & Customer Service for Food Services for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. She is seen as a true leader and advocate by the dietitians that work with her and is proof that dietitians have the qualifications and skills to take on leadership roles. She encourages other dietitians to take the opportunities that may come their way!