Career Stories - Gerry Kasten

Gerry Kasten MSc, RD
Leader in Dietetics and Cooking

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Originally from a farming family in Alberta, Gerry Kasten works as a Public Health Dietitian, as a Dietetic Culinary Educator and as a Primary Care Dietitian in a multidisciplinary practice in collaboration with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, researchers and administrative staff. He began his career with an Honours Diploma in Commercial Cooking from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and worked in Commercial Cooking for a decade.

During the latter years of his career as a chef, he enrolled in university and completed his dietetic education. After working for a over decade in Public Health, he returned to university and has recently been awarded a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition, for his qualitative study of gay men's food choice processes. During the past four years, Gerry has also been a sessional instructor at University of British Columbia (UBC), where he is co-teaching cooking and applications of food theory to dietetics students. Gerry has led the Boards of Dietitians of Canada and the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation as Chair and President.

"In what other job could one talk about making fruit salsa with middle school students, about feeding your baby with a group of new moms and about the evidence base supporting the Dietary Reference Intakes with a group of mixed health professionals? All in the same day? These dynamic aspects of Community Nutrition Practice are the rewards I reap, simply for doing my job every day".